How to create an interactive manual for medical devices

The main requirement for any manual is that it is easy to read and follow. One of the best ways to present a product application in a clear way is an interactive tutorial, created with the Cappasity solution.

May 6 · 2 min read

This is what a standard manual on “How to tie an elastic bandage around a wrist” could look like:

Wrapping an elastic bandage around the wrist provides the necessary support and limits the range of motion of the joint, thereby allowing faster and more effective healing of the injury.

  • Place the elastic bandage on the back of your wrist and wrap it around your palm.
  • In the palm of your hand, stretch the bandage from the base of your thumb to your little finger.
  • Wrap the bandage over the back of your hand — over your fingers.
  • Return to the palm of your hand and extend the bandage towards the base of your little finger, forming an X-shape with the bandage.
  • Repeat the last wrap across your palm and come back to your wrist.
  • Make a wrap around your wrist, stretch the bandage downwards across your palm and come back to the wrist again.

At the beginning of putting the bandage on, keep it tight and then slightly loosen the tension with every wrap.

Can we agree that obtaining any new skill without a proper demonstration is much harder?

And this is what an interactive manual guide looks like —

This kind of format is much more effective than static photos and videos. The user can interact with the manual and inspect any moment of interest in close detail either on a smartphone or a computer. In case something is not clear the first time, one can easily rewind it with a finger movement.

To create a 3D product demo, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Cappasity platform. Install the Easy 3D Scan software and launch it. Type in your username and password. Now you are easily able to create, edit and upload your 3D content onto the platform.
  2. Make a video of your product in action.

Equipment: we recommend to use a professional 4K digital camera for maximum image quality.

3. Upload the video into the Easy 3D Scan™. When converting the video, please choose “Motion scene”.

4. Upload the ready interactive manual into your account.

Alternatively, you can use our interactive guide on creating a 3D View in the 3D View format :)

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