How to create immersive content for your business

May 17 · 4 min read

Immersive content means the use of immersive technologies such as 3D visualization, AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality). This kind of content is necessary if you want to not only to emphasize the features of your product that are significant for your target audience, but to also increase the time a customer spends on the product card.

Examples of immersive 3D content

3D demos of jewelry and luxury items:

According to independent research, which is backed by our own data, time spent on a product card is converted into sales.

However, in order to fully integrate immersive content, a brand needs to solve three problems: establishing mass content production, organizing its delivery to the sales channels, and learning how to track its performance.

A business with tens of thousands of items in its assortment needs a complex solution, the integration of which should not divert the resources of the company’s IT department. Since 3D content acts as the foundation of any immersive experience, before you start producing it, you need to choose the appropriate format: 3D models or 3D View. Below we will compare these formats in terms of cost and production speed.

A 3D model is a digital copy of an item, hand-crafted by a 3D artist.

A 3D View is Cappasity’s proprietary photorealistic 3D format that can be integrated into any website, AR / VR, and mobile apps.

Both formats are created using photographs, but that is where the similarities end. The differences in production speed and cost are incomparable.


According to research performed by Deloitte, the price of a single 3D model starts at $750.

The cost of the model is dictated by the complexity of its production and integration.

  • You need photographs and exact measurements of the items for the 3D artists.
  • Next, you will need to create the 3D model manually based on the obtained photographs and measurements.

However, producing content is not enough — you also need to deliver it to your audience. When speaking about 3D content, we should keep in mind that it is “heavier” than regular photographs and a special player is needed for user interaction.

The player acts as the main user interface and is responsible for the quality of the user experience when interacting with immersive content:

  • the speed and smoothness of rotation,
  • the ability to zoom in on the image,
  • the autoplay function,
  • the size of the player,
  • its ability to integrate into the program code of the site and mobile applications
  • finally, the storage location and the speed of loading content

All of this is important to consider when choosing a solution for a business.

Thus, if you are creating an independent solution for a turnkey immersive content solution, the business must provide significant management and development costs.

An affordable and sensible alternative to expensive 3D modeling and the process of organizing your own infrastructure is a SaaS solution such as Cappasity, which does not require CAPEX costs, detailed product measurements or the many hours of work required of 3D modelers in the process of creating content.

All you need is photo or video production. The service is paid for monthly in a subscription format.

Speed of production

According to Shopify’s instructions, in order to create a 3D model of a product you need to provide the 3D modeler with high quality photos captured on a camera with a 70 mm lens. Photos need to show the product from the front, left, top, back, right and bottom. You also need to send the artist a sheet with the product measurements in millimeters, as shown in the picture below


Next, the 3D modeler uses these photographs and measurements to create a 3D model. The time required to create a 3D model depends on the following factors: the complexity of the object’s shape and texture, measurement accuracy and the quality and quantity of the photographs.

With a $750 price tag per 3D-model and the need to digitize 1,000 SKUs, there is an additional cost item of $ 750,000 for content production only. If we take as a basis that the salary of a high-class photographer or a high-class 3D-modeller is $5,500 on average, then 45 people and 3 months of continuous work will be required to complete this kind of task!

The Cappasity solution allows you to create a 3D View in just 3 minutes and it does not require any special knowledge. Retailers can shoot thousands of products in 3D every day, minimizing costs and time. 3D View does not slow down the website and loads in seconds on any device thanks to data streaming.

Here is how you can make a 3D View in three simple steps:

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