How to create panoramas of apartments with the 3DShot app

May 4 · 3 min read

Creating immersive 3D Views of rooms can be highly beneficial for real estate agents as it helps to improve the chances of subletting or selling places. iDigitizing spaces used to be costly and time-consuming, but that is all about to change with the release of a new mode of the 3DShot app that will allow anyone to create a high-quality 3D View of a room using only an iPhone.

If you have followed us for a while, you will know that with the 3DShot app you can digitize virtually any product — from jewelry to automobiles. Now, the Cappasity team has decided to step outside product imaging and have announced a new mode for digitizing rooms. The new mode will launch in May this year.

Creating 3D Views of apartments can be highly beneficial for real estate agents, or people who are subletting their rooms. Embedding immersive, interactive 3D content into a listing of an apartment or a house has high potential to increase user interaction and therefore boost sales.

The rental housing market has been on the rise globally for the past five years and will continue to grow in the next decade. In the USA, almost 35% of the population are renting instead of buying due to lower costs. 49% of people who rent housing in the USA are under 30 years old (also known as millennials). This generation are consciously choosing rented spaces, as they offer flexibility in deciding where to live and work, which is highly important for this group. In Europe almost 30% of the population are renting property. Renting is especially common in Germany (49%) and Denmark (42%). In Russia only 8% of the population are renting property. However, the vast majority of people who rent apartments and houses live in big cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and the fast pace of urbanization in Russia has led to a growth in rental housing. Since the housing prices in Europe and Russia are growing faster than rent prices, it is expected that the rental market will continue to expand in the next few years.

Adding immersive content to a real estate listing may significantly increase the customer interaction for renting or selling property. It is reported that over 80% of millennials want an opportunity to see a real estate listing in 3D prior to buying or renting. According to Matterport, adding 3D immersive content to a real estate listing decreases the time on the market for a house by 31% and increases the price by 4–9%. While making 3D Views of rooms and apartments used to be quite costly and required professional-grade photography equipment, the new feature of the 3DShot app means it will only take an iPhone and a few minutes.

Here is how you can digitize a room with the 3DShot app:

1) Stand in the middle of the room and make sure to choose decent lighting.

2) Open the 3DShot app and start to record. Slowly circle around yourself to record the space. Move at a steady pace for the best result.

3) Edit the resulting 3D View by choosing the start frame, adding filters, and changing the contrast and brightness. Add a name for the 3D View.

4) Get the embed code for the 3D View on the Cappasity platform.

5) Embed the code at a listing that supports 3D Views and enjoy increased customer engagement!

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