How to Get More Clients as a Product Photographer

And receive a $1000 subscription plan for free

Mar 20 · 2 min read

Recent research says that 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the deciding factor for making a purchase. Visuals tell a story: what the product is about, what it feels like to own it, and why the customer should buy it. 78% of online shoppers want product imagery to bring products to life — they want to interact with it, make it a part of the physical context.

Naturally, the quality of the content is vital. According to Etsy, an arts-and-crafts e-commerce website with a catalog of over 60 million items, image quality is the most important element for 90% of its users. And while a product on a white background may seem simple, professionals know that the perfect image requires a lot of skill and experience.

The technical skills of a professional photographer need to be honed by constant effort. There is camera, composition, and exposure control. The mastery of lighting and light modification play a big role, too. A professional would ideally also be highly skilled in post production.

And yet, even the most skilled product photographers are often looking for ways to get more clients.

If you are a professional photographer and you are looking to grow your business and expertise, we have an exciting offer! You can join the Cappasity Service Partner Network, which has already been deployed in 13 countries worldwide to bring professional photography services to the luxury retailers in the area.

To become a verified partner, get featured on the Cappasity website, and receive access to the clients in need of your expertise, you will have to make sure that you understand how the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan works and can show examples of your work on our platform. Then you will need to fill out the application form. We will consider your application and come back with an answer.

All partners added to the Cappasity website receive a free license for SMB Pro Plan to demonstrate all the capabilities of the platform to their customers.

Do not miss out on the offer. Outside of the deal, SMB Pro Plan subscription costs $1,000 per year. Become a Cappasity Service Partner today and reach out to more clients in your area. It’s 100% free!

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