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How to integrate 3D capturing technology into a classified’s app

Immersive 3D content is an effective tool for marketplaces and classifieds to enhance online shopping experiences and provide the best service to sellers and consumers. Adding a 3D/360 image to a product page increases the time a customer spends in a shopping environment and improves product perception. This leads to less customer inquiries and increased conversions.

Cappasity has developed the first mobile solution that allows classifieds to integrate an immersive content shooting functionality into their mobile apps. Let’s see how we make it possible.

How to create immersive content with just a smartphone

After 7 years of R&D Cappasity has released the 3DShot app — the first affordable and easy-to-use solution for 3D/360 shooting of items, cars, and real estate with just a smartphone. To create a 3D View with 3DShot, a user simply launches the app and circles the item. The resulting content is then saved to the user’s Cappasity account where the seller will be able to generate an embed code and insert it into their website, marketplace, or classified.

Unlike usual photos, a 3D View allows classifieds’ users to interact with a product like they would offline: changing the angle of perception and zooming in to examine all the tiny details. This helps buyers better visualize the product and make an informed purchase decision.

The ability to inspect products thoroughly is particularly important for the buyers of second-hand items and used cars. For instance, used car buyers get a chance to notice any hidden damages on the vehicle like chips, dents, or scratches, meaning they can choose a used car on a classified site with confidence.

How a classified can provide its users with the opportunity to create and share 3D content

There are two ways for classifieds and marketplaces to provide their users with the advantages of the 3DShot app. In the first case a classified user would need to download 3DShot from the App Store or Google Play, digitize their products in 3D and add the generated link or embed code to a classified’s product page. In this case, a classified should perform a simple integration to support a new content format.

Another option is to integrate the Mertsy SDK for capturing and displaying 3D Views directly in the classified’s mobile app. In this case, the seller just taps “Create 3D photo” in a classified’s mobile app, circles the items, and the 3D View is automatically created. They can then edit the 3D View and publish it on the product page. Since the 3D capturing technology is integrated into the classified’s app, the seller doesn’t need to install any third-party apps to create, edit, and share their 3D content.

After embedding immersive content, classifieds observe a 12% increase in conversion action: ads with 3D Views receive better feedback (calls, messages) and a 6% increase in search results conversion, making a click-through more likely for ads with a 3D button.

For example, CarSwitch, a used car marketplace in UAE and KSA, has integrated with Cappasity’s solution for classifieds to allow their consumers to examine vehicles as they would offline from the comfort of their homes. To digitize a car in 3D, CarSwitch specialists use the 3DShot app. “CarSwitch is on a mission to make used car buying as seamless as possible. Cappasity’s 3D Views seemed like a great opportunity to give our buyers an unparalleled car browsing experience, so we decided to give it a shot. The response so far from our users has been great — cars with 3D Views garner a much higher engagement and interest from buyers. The process of capturing the 3D shot is also straightforward and we’ve been able to roll it out in both UAE and KSA in just a few weeks,” commented Mohammad Ali Raahim, CarSwitch Head of Product.

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