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How to integrate 3D capturing technology into classifieds and marketplaces

Product visualization on marketplaces and classifieds plays a crucial role in a consumers’ decision-making process. According to Etsy, 90% of shoppers say the quality of photos are “extremely important” or “very important” to their purchase decision. Embedding interactive 3D product images into a marketplace is an effective way to improve product perception and increase the time a customer spends in a shopping environment, leading to higher conversion rates. But how can a marketplace integrate 3D capturing technology?

This is where Cappasity comes into play. We provide marketplaces and classifieds with 2 ways to integrate 3D capturing technology. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

#1 3DShot: sellers use a 3DShot app to create immersive content and share content via link

To make immersive content production available to sellers on marketplaces and classifieds, Cappasity has developed the 3DShot app, which allows users to easily create and publish interactive 3D Views of goods, cars, and real estate using only a smartphone.

The 3D View format is fully interactive and lets buyers zoom in and change the angle of perception to examine items like they would in person. A classified only needs to perform a simple integration to support the 3D View format and its sellers will get the opportunity to embed their 3D Views into product pages.

To create 3D View content, sellers will need to download 3DShot from the App Store or Google Play. They then launch the app and circle the item. The resulting content is then saved to the user’s Cappasity account where the seller will be able to generate a link and insert it into the marketplace or classified. Please watch the video to see it in action:

#2 Mertsy SDK: 3D capturing technology is fully integrated into a marketplace’s app

Mertsy SDK is the first solution that allows marketplaces or classifieds to fully integrate an immersive content shooting functionality directly into their mobile apps. The seller just taps “Create 3D photo” in a classified’s mobile app, circles the item, and a 3D View is automatically created. They can then edit the 3D View and publish it the same way as they publish video or photos. Since the 3D capturing technology is integrated into the classified’s app, the seller doesn’t need to install any apps to create, edit, and share their 3D content.

It’s worth noting that our team will be continuously enhancing Mertsy SDK with new AI features.

This Cappasity solution is now available on the used car marketplace CarSwitch, Austria’s biggest digital marketplace Willhaben, and other platforms. After integrating 3D capturing technology, our clients see a higher conversion from search results (6%+), an increase in the time a buyer spends on a page (15–45+ sec), higher conversion rates of contacting sellers (12%+), more engagement and less consumer inquiries.

Contact the Cappasity team at to get access to the solution.

Read more about Mertsy SDK:

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