How to mass produce 3D Views of items with Cappasity

Sep 10 · 6 min read

Making high-quality 3D visualizations of goods is highly beneficial for many industries. However, the production of 3D content can be time-consuming, which is not ideal when trying to digitize large quantities of goods in short timeframes. Fortunately, with the complex Cappasity solution, it is now easier than ever: it takes you only 3 minutes to digitize one SKU in 3D. Let’s take a closer look.

What are the challenges of mass production of 3D content?

Making high-quality 3D visualizations of large quantities of items can be quite challenging. One of the ways to produce a 3D visualization of an item is to create a 3D model. But the 3D modeling process requires hiring an experienced 3D artist with specialized software, which is far from cost-effective when it comes to the mass production of 3D content. Additionally, some products are very time-intensive to design, like those with lots of details. This makes 3D modeling nearly impossible for businesses that operate with large quantities of items.

Another way to produce 3D visualizations of items is to create 360-degree photos. Usually, creating a 360-degree visualization requires taking a sequence of photos of an item from different angles of perception that are then stitched together in a fluid movement. For this, photographers need to take an abundance of photos and continuously start and stop the turntable with an item on to produce this sequence of images. Obviously, the process is time-consuming and doesn’t fit the needs of companies that want to mass produce 3D content in short timeframes.

Additionally, most solutions for 3D content production don’t come with tools that will allow you to work with lots of items at the post-production stage. Usually, editing all the 3D visualizations of items and embedding them into a website takes businesses a lot of time.

Here at Cappasity, we strive to make the production of 3D content as effortless and efficient as possible. Unlike other solutions, we use a complex approach to mass 3D content production. With Cappasity, it takes only 3 minutes to complete the entire process of 3D content production, including shooting an item, digitizing it in 3D and embedding the resulting 3D content into a website. Let’s see how Cappasity makes it possible.

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A fast and easy shooting process thanks to the Cappasity 3D View format

As mentioned above, creating a 360-degree visualization of an item usually implies taking a series of still images of a product photographed in sequence on a specialized turntable. Thus, a photographer needs to take an abundance of photos of every item to produce a smooth 3D visualization. Such a shooting process takes photographers lots of time and energy and slows down the mass production of 3D content. On top of that, such an approach is unsuitable for shooting unstable or hanging objects. As a result, photographers take fewer photos and produce content that looks more like a slideshow than a 3D visualization. Neither this approach to 3D content shooting nor 3D modeling fit the needs of businesses who need to digitize large amounts of items in 3D in short timeframes.

How did Cappasity manage to speed up the shooting process? Unlike other solutions, Cappasity developed a unique data format — 3D View. 3D View can be created out of a video. The key is, the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan software extracts all the data necessary to create a 3D View without the participation of a photographer. Thus, a photographer simply needs to shoot a video of a rotating object on a turntable, which takes them less than a minute. Moreover, a 3D View format opens many opportunities for brands: they can digitize any object in 3D, be it an item on a turntable, a hanging object or a moving model.

A complete infrastructure of tools

Unlike other solutions, Cappasity comes with a complete infrastructure of tools for mass 3D content production and integration. It is a turnkey solution that includes the Cappasity SaaS platform and the Easy 3D Scan software, in which all the content post-production takes place. There is no need to purchase any additional software. Cappasity platform is used for storage, embedding, analytics and fast content delivery without overloading the client’s servers.

With the Easy 3D Scan program, making large quantities of 3D images is easier than ever as it only takes 3 minutes to digitize one item into Cappasity’s patented type of 3D content. It is an easy-to-use, fully automated solution designed specifically to speed up the production of 3D content production.

Preset feature

To make the post-production process easier and faster, you can create presets in the Easy 3D Scan software and apply them to multiple 3D Views. A preset is a pre-configured list of settings you can apply to any number of 3D Views. Creating a preset allows you to save different sets of editing parameters like color filters or crop and rotation and re-apply them later to specific product categories. Using presets saves you considerable time since you don’t need to set editing parameters every time you want to edit a 3D View.

For example, say you’re 3D digitizing 1,000 handbags in the same studio setup (lighting, etc.). In this case, you can set the configuration filter once, save it as a preset, and then apply it to the entire product set. Presets come in handy for making digital catalogues, where hundreds of similar items have to be shown in the same manner. Editing each 3D View manually would have been a nightmare, but with a preset feature, it could be done in a matter of a few clicks.

You can watch a full tutorial on how to create and apply presets here.

Batch processing mode

The Easy 3D Scan software has a batch processing mode, which is a valuable feature whenever you work with large quantities of items at one given time. The software converts huge amounts of videos into 3D Views without human intervention. In this instance, you shoot the videos of items, import them to the software, and leave them — Easy 3D Scan does the rest. The processing is done without your participation.

On top of that, batch processing mode allows you to perform a bulk upload of 3D Views to your Cappasity account. You can select the necessary 3D Views, click “Upload”, and they will be uploaded to your account without your participation. This saves you time when working with large amounts of items, since you can perform a bulk upload in your free time.

Before uploading 3D Views to your Cappasity account, you can verify that all SKU numbers are unique with one click to avoid overwriting them. When you integrate the product catalog on your website with your Cappasity account, SKU numbers will be used for creating HTML (iframe) code of 3D View player.

You can watch a tutorial on how to use the batch processing mode via link.

Syncing your Cappasity account with your online catalog

Manual embedding of 3D content into a website doesn’t suit the needs of companies that work with large amounts of items. Cappasity enterprise clients are provided with API/SDK for automatic synchronization of their online store catalog with the Cappasity account. This lets you instantly sync your uploaded 3D View content with product pages on your website.

Thanks to such an elaborate technology, Cappasity is the only solution suitable for a fast massive production of 3D content. To start digitizing an abundance of items in 3D and auto-embedding them into your website, feel free to contact us. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for more tutorials on creating immersive content for your business.

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