Images that stand out: what can you shoot with 3DShot?

Mar 30 · 4 min read

The answer is virtually anything. 3DShot app is an innovative software by Cappasity, which allows you to take your images to the next level and visualize your products in 3D.

Let’s say that you were about to post an item on a common marketplace. You can take a great picture of your item in a flattering light, but so do millions of other users daily. How can you make your product stand out?

Make your product literally “jump off the page” by giving it dimension with the 3DShot app. With 3DShot, you can achieve a high-quality 3D image of your item that will help boost your sales in just a few simple steps.

To make the perfect 3D image with the 3Dshot app, follow these simple steps:

1) Get the 3DShot app on your smartphone (to get the best images, we recommend using iPhone X or newer models).

2) Find a well-lit spot to place your item. Lighting can really make or break your content, so make sure you choose the best possible set-up. You can use a well-lit table for smaller items.

3) Record the item in the 3DShot app by slowly moving around it. You can get a full 360o view or your product or capture just a fragment — it is completely up to you!

4) Edit your 3D View by choosing the first frame, applying a filter, and whitening your background (if you need to).

5) Upload the result to your Cappasity account — and voilà! Your 3D image is ready!

6) You can get the embed link and embed your brand-new interactive content into a marketplace, an e-commerce platform, or a classified — wherever you want your customers to find you!

At the moment, not all marketplaces support 3D integration with Cappasity — stay posted for updates at But even if it isn’t possible to integrate your 3D content into a marketplace of your preference, you can always save your 3D as a video and upload it to your product page.

Here are a few examples of what you can shoot with the app:

1) Jewelry and small items

The devil is always in the details when it comes to small, intricate items and jewelry. Therefore, a high-resolution, three-dimensional image can really make a difference when it comes to purchasing a small accessory online. Using a 3D image with the possibility of zoom is especially important for items made by hand, because you can really show the level of artistry and craft put into every product. You can also use our printable marker to get the perfect positioning of smaller items for your 3D View.

2) Items for marketplaces

Whether you have a brand of your own or you are a reseller at a common marketplace, you need engaging content to increase your sales. 3DShot helps you make a 3D View of your item in a matter of minutes. You can edit the 3D View directly in the 3DShot app and then embed the content into a marketplace of your choice. 3D reviews of products are supported by all marketplaces that allow videos in their product listings. And, to make things even better, some of the marketplaces allow you to include the interactive 3D views in your product card! You can learn more about embedding your interactive content into the world’s largest marketplaces, such as Amazon, Etsy, EBay, and Aliexpress, in this article.

If you don’t use marketplaces and you have your own website, don’t panic! You can also embed your 3DShot content into your own website, so that your customers can appreciate the details in your product. It is just as easy as embedding a YouTube video!

3) Apparel

Purchasing clothes and shoes online is always tricky, because we aren’t always able to tell how an item would fit in real life. Flat, two-dimensional images can provide an overall look of the item, but they cannot compare to a three-dimensional view, when one can see a piece of clothing worn by a real person, in movement. Pro tip: it is best to shoot your apparel on a live model to achieve a more professional look, and give your customers a better idea of what your product looks in real life.

4) Vehicles

Yes, you heard that correctly, 3DShot is not only used for small items. It is just as good for capturing bigger products, like motorcycles, cars, and boats.. Simply record the item on a flat surface while moving around it, and you will get a high-resolution piece of interactive content for increasing engagement with your potential customers.

Creating interactive 3D content is no longer costly and time-consuming. It only takes a great product, good lighting, a smartphone, and, of course, the 3DShot app. You can find out about how 3DShot can benefit your business here.

The future is content!

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