Immersive shopping is among the main e-commerce trends for 2023

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According to Acxiom’s Beyond the Metaverse: CX Predictions for 2023 research, immersive shopping is one of the main tech trends transforming customer experiences and opening up new possibilities for brands willing to invest and innovate this year. Let’s look through the research’s insights and learn how Cappasity’s solutions help you bring customer experience to the next level.

Picture source: Acxiom CX Trends for 2023 Infographic

Immersive shopping creates greater confidence in a product. Immersive technologies allow e-commerce brands to create well-imagined online experiences that can replicate the in-store shopping experience. Thanks to the ability to interact with a product as if they were in a brick-and-mortar store, consumers can better visualize the desired item and make an informed purchase decision. The research revealed that 73% of consumers who have used immersive shopping agree it makes them more confident in the product they are going to buy. 48% of consumers ended up making a purchase after experiencing immersive shopping.

Immersive technologies provide a fun and social experience. Today’s consumers are used to social networks, instant messaging, and rich visual communication. They want more fun and social experiences while shopping as well. Immersive technologies like AR and virtual try-on help brands meet consumers’ demand for engaging and interactive shopping experiences.

Immersive shopping is more personal. Acxiom’s experts claim that immersive shopping provides richer sensory feedback to the brain, which — when properly implemented — can elicit more powerful emotional reactions. This allows brands to provide a more personal feel to shopping, be that through trying on virtual apparel or placing a coffee table in an AR re-creation of a shopper’s living room. The research revealed that 76% of consumers who have used immersive shopping experiences want their favorite brands to create more.

As you see, immersive shopping is a vital part of any e-commerce strategy in 2023. However, current solutions for immersive content production are time-consuming, complicated, and not applicable to large catalogs.

This is where Cappasity comes into play. Cappasity is the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces. With our solution, brands can create interactive 3D Views (Cappasity’s proprietary data format) that allow consumers to interact with the product as if they’re holding it in their hands: changing the angle of perception and zooming in to examine all the details.

Cappasity 3D Views make online shopping interactive, increasing sales by more than 30% and reducing returns. It only takes 3 minutes per SKU to complete the entire process of 3D content production and integration into websites or mobile apps.

From the same 3D Views, brands can create interactive AR Holograms (a unique AR content format developed by Cappasity) within as little as 20 minutes, when it usually takes 3–5 days. AR holograms provide animated looks, allowing shoppers to see materials in movement and better envision how the desired items would fit them.

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