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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of the Cappasity shoot for beauty

Oct 14 · 3 min read
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Mila Klimenko, a beauty influencer with 1.3 million Instagram followers and the owner of her own professional makeup brand, Nikk Mole, took advantage of the Cappasity solution to create a series of interactive 3D View tutorials that showcase makeup artist pro tricks. The end result couldn’t look any better!

As you may have learned from our previous posts, the Cappasity solution makes it possible for users to shoot any object in 3D View. The content produced by beauty influencers is no exception.

Interactive Tutorial. Step 1

Interactive Tutorial. Step 2

With Cappasity, creating an interactive tutorial is simple.

1) Sign up first. Then download and install the Easy 3D Scan™ software and launch it with your username and password. Now you can easily create, edit, and upload 3D content to your website and social media.

2) You can shoot the tutorials at a photo studio. You don’t need to make sure that the first and and last shots are identical, since tutorials are all about the before look and after look.

Equipment: We recommend using a professional 4K camera, but an iPhone X+ will also do the trick. The resulting quality depends on the studio lighting. You can find studio equipment requirements here. You won’t need a turntable, though. As seen in the video, a makeup chair works well.

3) Import the video to the Easy 3D Scan™. When converting the video, please select “Motion Scene”.

4) Next, upload the content to your account and embed it into the website with the embed code just like you would a YouTube video, or upload it to Instagram or TikTok as a video file.

Beauty brands, small businesses specializing in skincare and makeup, and beauty influencers will benefit from interactive tutorials that, unlike video makeup tutorials, are fully interactive, allowing the viewer to examine each step of the process and to zoom-in to see the details.

For beauty bloggers:

  • Make your tutorials more interactive in 3D View format.
  • Enhance your social media profiles with the help of 3D View and attract more sponsorship deals.
  • Present product recommendations in an interactive way.

For beauty brands:

  • Enhance the website customer experience with the help of 3D content: clients will be able to interact with the products just like they would in a brick-and-mortar store, rotate the product, zoom in to see the information on the package, check every detail that interests them;
  • Share products digitized in 3D on social media to grab the attention of potential customers;
  • Collaborate with beauty influencers on creating interactive 3D tutorials and show a wider audience how to get the most out of your products. Share makeup tricks and skincare routines in an interactive way.
  • Create recommendations, beauty shelf lists, and other promotional content and enhance it with 3D imagery to make it truly stand out;

For DTC brands specializing in skincare and makeup:

  • Create an interactive catalog of your products and share it with potential clients on social media.
  • Create interactive skincare and makeup tutorials. Viewers will be able to grasp the process better with a set of 3D instructions that are not only detailed but also engaging.
  • Send the link to the 3D demonstration to potential customers and help them make an informed purchase decision.

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