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Immersive technologies in art: interactive online galleries, art piece creation, and NFTs

Artists have always been at the forefront of experimenting with innovative technologies, so it’s no wonder that immersive tech has instantly grabbed their attention. Thanks to its additional interactivity, immersive content helps creators heighten audience’s feelings, bring the viewer inside the art, and provide an engaging and memorable experience through immersive art exhibitions. As the market of 3D, AR and VR rapidly evolves, new opportunities for creators are emerging. Let’s take a look at some outstanding use cases for immersive technologies in art.

Creating an interactive gallery for remote demonstration of art pieces

The opportunity to showcase artwork online allows creators to expand their reach far beyond their immediate audience. However, because of high competition in the art market, it’s hard to attract enough attention to get people looking at your art pieces, let alone to motivate someone to actually buy them. Besides, flat images fail to showcase creations from different angles, which is crucial for exploring sculptures and other dimensional pieces remotely. This is where immersive tech comes into play. It allows artists to create online galleries and demonstrate their artworks online in a fully interactive format.

Until recently, creating immersive content was unavailable for emerging creators on a budget since it required hiring a 3D artist and cost thousands of dollars. Cappasity’s 3DShot app is here to change that. With 3DShot, even aspiring creators can demonstrate their art pieces in the interactive 3D View format (data format developed by Cappasity). All you need to digitize an artwork in 3D is a smartphone camera, so artists can shoot their pieces anywhere they wish, even in their studios. Watch the video to see how to shoot art in 3D with 3DShot:

The 3D View format is fully interactive and allows viewers to see colors and textures as they would in real life, change the angle of perception, examine all tiny details, and better understand the creator’s vision. Additional interactivity provides your audience with an entirely new way of examining artworks online and guarantees a more engaging art viewing experience, giving you a competitive edge on the market. To showcase your 3D digitized art, you can simply share the link to your Cappasity account with 3D Views of art pieces. It’s also possible to embed 3D Views into classifieds and marketplaces to attract more potential buyers to your ads.

Making the art creation process more convenient with immersive tech

3DShot not only allows creators to showcase their art pieces in 3D, but also helps them make the art creation process faster and more convenient. For example, a graduate from New York Academy of Art has recently used the app for digitizing American actress Brooke Shields in 3D and sculpting her portrait based on the resulting 3D View. The point is that sculpting a portrait from life can take several weeks, so a model usually has to pose for days. But if a sculptor creates a digital twin of the model in the Cappasity 3D View format, they can examine the model at any time and from any angle of perception. As a result, the technology saved much time for the actress and made the sculpting process more convenient for the creator. Please watch the video below to see the sculpting process. You can see Brooke Shields’ digital twin on the sculptor’s tablet.

NYAA Provost Peter Drake commented on the project, “The New York Academy of Art was the first school to access Cappasity, and we shared its capabilities with our sculpture students and faculty. It’s just amazing to see how our students master this innovative technology and find new smart uses for it. I’m impressed with how effortlessly Irina created a digital twin of Brooke Shields with the help of Cappasity’s 3DShot app. This is a great example of how immersive technologies can benefit a creator.”

Standing out with immersive NFTs of art pieces

NFTs open up many unique opportunities for artists. They allow artists to capitalize on their creativity as well as protect their intellectual property. Besides making money on the initial sale of the NFT, creators can earn royalties through subsequent sales in the secondary market. Another benefit of NFTs is the community-building aspect that comes with them. Artists can reward their early fans with benefits, such as access to exhibits and special releases.

In the near future, Cappasity is launching a solution that will allow artists to create NFTs with 3D visuals of their artworks and add extra value to their art pieces. A Cappasity NFT can contain not only photos and videos, but also textual information, immersive content (3D/3D View visualization, AR holograms), and exclusive opportunities, like VIP passes to events. Artists can add new content to NFTs even after the fan gets the token, which allows them to use Cappasity NFTs as a new communication channel with their audience. Thanks to the immersive format of NFTs, artist’s fans will be able to explore the art piece in tiny detail. The video demonstrates how easily you can create an NFT on the Cappasity platform:

Cappasity provides artists with all the necessary tools to create immersive content. Download the 3DShot app to create an immersive art gallery:

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