Launch of the exchange service

The survey of our business users showed that for many people the use of tokens is a barrier since not everyone wants to learn about how to create a wallet, use an exchange, and purchase BTC or ETH. Many users find it better to use PayPal even if they have to pay more. Then we realized we needed to create an exchange service inside the platform. We launched our internal wallet, which is called the Cappasity Wallet (, and since that time we have been working on a service that will allow users to buy CAPP directly from their accounts on the Cappasity platform.

We are pleased to announce that we are finishing it, and soon the Cappasity users will be able to buy CAPP directly using their PayPal account. Everything is already finished, and the only thing left is to solve the main problem of making sure that the system is able to process a large number of transactions securely. We will finish this in Q4 2018. Today we are happy to show what our internal exchange looks like:

As you can see, everything is very simple! You just enter the desired number of tokens, and you will be billed through PayPal to finish the payment.

We currently use CAPP to purchase monthly subscription services. When our internal exchange earns money, we will offer a substantial discount to those who pay via CAPP — it will be between 20% and 70% off the PayPal transaction price. This discount will help to promote and encourage the purchase of long-term subscription plans. Then we will study user behavior and continue to work on making it more convenient for users to pay with CAPP tokens.

The next step will be creating special offers for those who store CAPP tokens in Cappasity wallets. They will receive access to special services in exchange for storing CAPP tokens. For example, those who store 150,000 CAPP, will receive analytics access for a year. And those who store 50,000 CAPP, will be given unlimited traffic. Of course, these numbers may be changed and are given as an example.

The Cappasity team is constantly working on the platform’s crypto economy. The team would be happy to discuss it on our Telegram channel —