Livemaster marketplace now has integrated 3D technology by Cappasity

May 25th, 2021 — The users of Livemaster marketplace are now able to list their goods in 3D. To make a 3D photo, the users will need to install 3DShot — a free mobile app by Cappasity.

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Immersive content bridges the gap between online and offline shopping and increases the average time a customer spends on a product card. According to data obtained by Cappasity, this leads to increased sales conversion. For instance, Cappasity customers report an 8–40% increase in sales conversions, depending on the item category. Another advantage of 3D visualization is that it saves time for the merchant; immersive content provides more information about the items, leaving the customers with fewer questions to ask the seller.

Thanks to the 3DShot app, anyone can create immersive content just a regular smartphone is enough for creating 3D photos. The user circles around the item, using one of the default shooting modes, and the system automatically generates a 3D image. To integrate the resulting 3D image into the product card on the fair website or in the Livemaster app, the user will need to paste the generated link into the corresponding field while editing the item info.

“We have developed an effective solution for 3D visualization of goods, and we are proud to present our new tool to the merchants of the Livemaster fair. The mission of our company is to make immersive technologies accessible for everyone. I am confident that the 3DShot app and the Cappasity platform will help local craftsmen in growing their businesses.” — says Konstantin Popov, CEO of Cappasity.

Livemaster is the first and the largest D2C platform for handmade items, Russian local brands and for people who value products crafted by hand. The D2C model (Direct to Consumer) means that the company manufactures, promotes and delivers the products to their consumers without any intermediaries. Over 190,000craftsmen offer their goods at the Livemaster trade fair. According to the Russian Export Center, the platform is in the top-10 key marketplaces with 8.5 million unique visitors per month.

A Livemaster representative has commented on why their marketplace has decided to choose the visualization solution by Cappasity: “The main difference between our marketplace and others is our rare and unique handmade items, which can’t be found in chain stores. Our buyers make their choices based on the aesthetics and design. They follow their hearts. That’s why we pay attention to our visuals — because we want our customers to be able to inspect every item in close detail. It is very important for us to show our potential buyers that handmade items made in Russia are not only sustainable and unique, they are also high-quality! Our merchants don’t have huge batches and assembly lines, and many goods sold on the platform are one-of-a-kind pieces. Every item is a work of art. Both the Livemaster team and the merchants are open to the customers and we don’t just want to show items on flat pictures, taken from the best angles, we also want to show them from all sides, in 3D.”

By 2024 the revenue of B2C online marketplaces will reach $3.5 trillion, and $240 billion of that will be attributed to P2P sales (Peer to Peer, direct deals between marketplace users).

Video: how to make your listing more noticeable with 3D photos

The new service will be available to users free of charge. For more information, visit the landing page of the new feature:

Example of a product page

Example of a product page

About Livemaster trade fair

Livemaster is the first and the largest online platform for craftsmen and Russian indie brands. It is ideal for those who value items made by hand. The merchants deliver their goods directly to the consumers, with no intermediaries involved. Livemaster has helped small local businesses connect with their audience for over 15 years. Over 8.5 million people visit the platform monthly.

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About Cappasity

Cappasity provides end-to-end solutions for creating and integrating interactive 3D content for a variety of industries. The platform is used in e-commerce, industry and the arts and is used by: Saint Laurent, Samsonite, TSUM, Mercury, LFCorp, ba&sh, the Phillips auction house and others. Cappasity’s platform currently serves over 40 million views of interactive content. The company has opened representative offices in Russia and France.

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