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Magic of Sheriff Projects: 3D content production for Marine Serre

Sheriff Projects, a well-known creative tech production house, has recently created 360 visuals of Marine Serre’s SS22 collection Fichu pour Fichu by using digital capture and the Cappasity solution for 3D content production. As a result of the project, the brand embedded the highest quality 360 visuals of apparel into its website to provide customers with an interactive online shopping experience. We spoke to the Sheriff Projects team to find out how they managed to get such high-quality 360 content for Marine Serre. Let’s dive right in.

Operating as a Creative Tech Production House, Sheriff Projects provides services such as Digital Capture, Post Production, Fine Art services, Gallery, studio set-up Consulting, E-commerce Production, Studios rental and groundbreaking innovative technologies in order to help established and emerging brands to produce content of the highest standards in the Fashion, Beauty and Luxury industries. The client list of Sheriff Projects is impressive and includes brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Lacoste, and many more.

Sheriff Projects atelier

To offer the most innovative proposals to their clients, Sheriff Projects’ magic team of research and development experts is constantly testing the latest digital technologies. One of the high-end technologies used by Sheriff Projects to meet their clients’ aesthetic expectations is Cappasity’s 3D/AR digitizing solution. Our partnership adds significant value to the services already provided. Using the Cappasity solution, Sheriff Projects created 360 visuals of Marine Serre’s items that allow buyers to carefully examine the pieces: rotate them, zoom in, explore them from different angles. Content production took place in the Magic Studio located in Paris.

Marine Serre website demo:

The results of the project are just amazing. The Fichu pour Fichu collection is presented in 3D on invisible mannequins, providing a better understanding of how the apparel fits and enriching collection viewing experience. HD Zoom allows you to estimate fabrics and every tiny detail of the pieces. We asked the Sheriff Projects team a couple of questions to find out how they managed to maintain such great quality of 3D content, and they kindly shared their expertise. “For the shooting, we heavily studied suspension techniques regarding turntables and styling, and worked hand in hand with Marine Serre to find the appropriate lighting. Our solid experience in photography and video editing allowed us to reach the high standards required by Marine Serre,” the team explained.

They also shared some advice on how to prepare for shooting to get perfect 360 visuals. As they pointed out, “Prelight and Style review before shoot are key to success.” According to the Sheriff Projects team, 3D content helps them provide new ways of product’s visualization. “Clients need dynamic and informative visual contents to give life to their websites and Cappasity is an excellent way to do that,” they mentioned.

Cappasity CEO Kosta Popov commented on the project, “We are proud to partner with Sheriff Projects, a creative tech production house with so much passion and enthusiasm for visual excellency. The Marine Serre project is a great example of how Sheriff Projects’ vast experience in visual content production and Cappasity’s end-to-end 3D digitizing solution for e-commerce can together bring product visuals to the next level.”

Sheriff Projects website:

Marine Serre website:

Cappasity website:

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