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Nov 25, 2021 · 5 min read

Immersive technology has the power to make a digital magazine more interactive and engaging, to grab the attention of new readers, and to build a better user experience. On top of that, interactive 3D and AR content is an excellent tool for brands to make ads in print and online magazines more appealing and effective. Let’s see how 3D and AR content benefits magazines.

Interactive 3D content as a supplement to digital publications

Attracting and keeping your online audience can be a challenging proposition. One of the best ways to do this is to supplement your content operation with rich media production. The term is most commonly used in the context of paid advertising, but rich media has its place in content operations as well, as a supplement to more traditional forms of static content. Although rich media isn’t the only thing that makes your digital magazine stand out, it’s undoubtedly a great tool to make the user experience more engaging and playful.

3D visualization is one of the rich media content types that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. Most people read magazines for their own entertainment. Imagine you’re reading an article about the winter trends for 2021/22 in a digital fashion magazine. Pages full of flat images or those with interactive 3D content, which will you prefer reading? If you’re like the majority of the readers, you will surely enjoy a fully interactive user experience. Interact with the following 3D View to see how immersive content increases online user experience.

Victoria Andreyanova fall-winter 2021/22 collection

With Cappasity, you can create interactive 3D Views that allow users to interact with digital objects as they would in real life: rotate them, zoom in, examine the details. A 3D View provides a perfect way to increase the value of the content you publish and catch the eyes of your prospects by standing out from the competition. Additionally, 3D content helps online readers better understand the topics you are discussing and gets them engaged on the page.

Interactive 3D and AR content as a new tool for brands to promote their products in both print and digital magazines and to make ads more effective

Magazine ads are an effective tool for brands to generate awareness and revenue. To make the most of the advertising investments, brands can use immersive technologies and create engaging experiences that bring an advertised product to life. For digital magazines, 3D content is a great way to make an ad eye-catching and even grab the attention of readers who are simply scrolling through the page. If an ad contains an interactive 3D View of an item, the consumer is more likely to pay attention and engage with the demonstrated product.

Moreover, interactive 3D View increases the time a consumer spends on the web page with an ad, affecting their purchase intent. Data obtained by Cappasity shows that the average interaction time with a product’s 3D View is 15–30 seconds, depending on the product category. If a digital magazine substitutes flat images of items with interactive 3D content, the average time on a web page with an ad will increase, leading to a higher purchase probability. According to key metrics obtained after performing Cappasity customer development, 3D Views increase a customer’s purchase intent by 29%. As a result, interactive 3D content will help digital magazines make ads on their websites more effective.

A great example of how immersive technology benefits digital publication is Cappasity’s partnership with Elle Russia. Elle is a worldwide women’s lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment, with 46 international editions in over 60 countries. In ELLE’s special project for the online shopping store “No One”, compositions of shoes, flowers and accessories were demonstrated in interactive 3D View format. The latest season’s trends were delivered to readers as an immersive experience. Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO, commented on the partnership, “The future of marketing is already here, and it certainly lies in immersive technologies. We are glad that with our platform, ELLE can provide its audience with this amazing user experience.”

With immersive technology, print magazines can also diversify advertising offers and make ads more engaging and effective. For instance, they can offer the reader the opportunity to scan a QR code by the advertised item and interact with its 3D View or bring it to life as an AR hologram. That’s exactly what InStyle Russia did in their December issue. That issue was dedicated to the fashion-tech of the future: virtual materials, digital clothing, and immersive content. Cappasity partnered with the magazine to surprise its readers with a wide range of exciting immersive experiences.

For instance, the cover of the publication had an AR format. The heroine of the issue, Stasya Miloslavskaya, one of the rising stars of Russian cinema, acquired a digital 3D form and stepped off the magazine’s pages to join readers in the real world as an AR hologram. The readers could transfer the heroine’s cyberpunk-inspired look to the real world in AR and examine it in detail. All the readers needed to do was scan the QR code on the cover.

InStyle digitized the “The Get” section into 3D and AR formats to make advertising offers engaging and interactive. This section demonstrates the items on your holiday wish list. Thanks to immersive technology, the readers managed to examine the items as they would offline and estimate the quality and materials. On top of that, the readers had an opportunity to virtually try on the watches from the Harry Winston Kaleidoscope collection. Again, they simply needed to scan a QR code to see how the item would look on their wrist.

Click the Cube icon to try it on.

Immersive technology has the power to engage your magazine’s audience, making their experience more enjoyable and playful. Interactive content will attract the attention of readers to featured items and increase the effectiveness of advertising offers.

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