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MR gadgets will open up more opportunities for Cappasity customers

With the emergence and development of immersive technologies, there is an increasing demand for gadgets that can provide users with an experience that blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds. This is where mixed reality (MR) gadgets come into play. According to recent reports, in the near future, Apple will present a highly-anticipated MR headset. Let’s see what new opportunities the device will open for Cappasity’s customers.

Bloomberg suggests that Apple may launch its MR headset this spring, with consumer deliveries beginning in fall 2023. The new device will be called Reality Pro. Based on an earlier report from The Information, it may look like a pair of ski goggles and will feature several cameras so that the device can track your movements in real time and see what’s happening in the real world. Users of the headsets will be able to experience both augmented and virtual reality.

The headset will run on a new operating system publicly named xrOS. Bloomberg reports that Apple has already granted a select group of high-profile software developers access to the platform, letting them get started on third-party apps.

We can’t wait for the launch of Apple’s MR headset to provide our customers the opportunity to display AR holograms from the Cappasity platform. User experience will become even more engaging and interactive with the headset. Moreover, shoppers will be able to visit virtual showrooms from the comfort of their homes.

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