New website, PR agency, and a contest

The studio still needs more time to work on the code for the new site which will combine and

We requested that another round of improvements should be implemented. Here you can see what the new site would look like

All our corrections and feedback have been taken into account, and we are happy to see new designs. In the coming weeks, the studio will work on compatibility with all browsers, improving the website section for our service partner network, and enhancing gallery functionality.

The development of the new site is not connected with the development of the platform — we are running rebranding of Cappasity and the new website is a part of it. The rebranding process will also include changes in the Easy 3D Scan application and any new materials that will be created. Next week, we are going to show you the work on the UI of Easy 3D Scan in progress.

We gave a lot of thought considering various options for our PR campaign, and decided to hire the professional international agency MSL (, which provides PR for many large companies all around the world. We are currently preparing everything to sign a contract and are working on the PR schedule and KPIs. As it is summer vacation season, we believe it would be best to launch the PR campaign at the end of August. The main focus will be targeting businesses that will use the Cappasity platform. The goal of the PR campaign is to increase the number of users on the platform. In addition, early September, we will launch a PR campaign with Prestashop (250,000 stores), and are considering the opportunity of participating in DMEXCO conference which takes place in Germany.

PR event — On August 15th, we will launch the “CAPP for Spin” contest

We decided not to wait till the end of the PR campaign to launch this contest. While our hired professionals are working on the branding and PR in major media, on August 15th, we will launch a contest for our active community members to raise the level of awareness of the Cappasity platform and the CAPP token. We will definitely announce this contest in the crypto press. We are waiting for you to submit feedback about the competition rules by Monday. We will take all of your ideas into consideration. The competition will last one month.

The rules are very simple:

1) You need to dress up in an original costume or outfit and ask a friend to film you as you spin around on one spot. It can be cosplay, a designer costume, a video with your favorite pets or just something fun.

2) You need to shoot a video in the best resolution. Shoot very carefully (preferably on a tripod) and in a room with good lighting. You must do a full turn and stop on the same spot and get back to the same pose that you started with. Example video:

Save this video to your PC or Mac.

3) Now you need to download Easy 3D Scan (, create an account on the Cappasity platform, click Load 3D View — Skip Processing, edit the result, and upload it to your account. Watch the following video with detailed instructions:

4) The next step is to submit your video to join the competition. For that, you would need a Twitter account. Think of an original name for your 3D image, add @cappasity, $CAPP and #CAPPFORSPIN tags. Originality also matters a lot! Also, do not forget to add a link to your 3D image on the Cappasity platform. To do this, click SHARE and get a link while you are logged in to your account.

Sample post:

I’m Nika which is a name of Greek origin meaning “Victory” Will you beat me in the “CAPP for Spin” contest? Try it if you dare! 🙂 @cappasity $CAPP #CAPPFORSPIN

5) Now join the Cappasity channel on Telegram: and post the link to your Twit there. Ask the admins to add it to the contest table. Once added, every chat member will be able to check the table at the contest website.

To win the contest, you should have the biggest number of votes by users that are registered on the Cappasity platform.

6) To vote, you would need CAPP tokens. Create a wallet on the Cappasity platform and transfer a certain number of tokens to it. You can create a wallet here —

1 CAPP equals 1 vote. One participant can use up to 10,000 CAPP per vote. We will HOLD tokens on your account during 1 month, and you will be able to withdraw them later (a fee will be charged for each withdrawal).

7) We will choose 5 winners who receive the biggest number of votes, and everyone who vote for the winners will receive 100 CAPP to their wallet.


  • 1st place — 120,000 CAPP
  • 2nd place — 80,000 CAPP
  • 3rd place — 50,000 CAPP
  • 4th place — 30,000 CAPP
  • 5th place — 20,000 CAPP

We are sure we have a creative community that is willing to participate either in the contest or in the voting process.

We are waiting for you to submit feedback about the competition rules by Monday.