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NFT + Virtual Try-On = Cappasity 3D NFT

As a rule, non-fungible tokens contain a link to an image or video, but this format lacks interactivity and makes it impossible to add immersive 3D content or complex software solutions. Cappasity will offer an innovative approach to NFT: Cappasity 3D NFTs that allow integration with any kind of immersive content, including 3D Views of items, AR holograms, and complex 3D technologies like virtual try-on. Cappasity 3D NFT will be the only digital asset providing access to virtual try-on solutions.

Press the Cube icon to try it on.

How it works

The user can buy an NFT with any item and can try it on right away. Let’s see how it works with a virtual try-on for watches. Unlike other solutions, Cappasity virtual try-on for watches doesn’t require a wrist marker, which makes it easy to use. To check how the watch fits before buying it, the consumer simply chooses their wrist size and tries it on.

On top of that, Cappasity 3D NFT owners will be able to try on apparel. Cappasity’s virtual fitting room for apparel automatically calculates body measurements by using only two photos of a person. The item is superimposed on top of the user’s photo. The try-before-you-buy experience is completely interactive and very closely simulates the in-store shopping experience.

Any kind of Cappasity virtual try-on can be combined with an NFT. Cappasity 3D NFTs will be streamed through the Cappasity platform. The proprietary utility token CAPP will be used in the provision of NFT services.

If you want to launch your first immersive NFT project, contact our team via

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