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Real estate sellers and landlords on Flatfox can now upload Cappasity 3D/360° content

The Cappasity platform allows users to create 3D visualizations of real estate using the 3DShot app, as well as to upload ready-made 360° photos. Now landlords on Flatfox can use Cappasity to make their real estate ads more appealing with additional interactive visualizations.

Flatfox is one of the leading real estate platforms in Switzerland that offers a free marketplace as well as digital tools for the online property rental process. The marketplace now supports the display of Cappasity 3D/360° content. Cappasity offers two useful solutions for real estate sellers: the 3DShot mobile application, that allows you to create and share panoramas of apartments with a smartphone camera, and 360° photo upload. The service is available to users of the Flatfox Business solution.

Cappasity’s mobile application allows real estate sellers to create panoramas of apartments within a couple of minutes. To digitize a room, the user opens the app, starts recording, and slowly circles around themselves to record the space. 3DShot automatically creates a panorama that can be further embedded into the Flatfox ad. Please watch the video to see the recording process:

If the seller already has a ready-made 360° photo of their apartment, they can upload it to Flatfox with a couple of clicks. To do so, Flatfox customers go to the Cappasity platform and upload a 360° photo of their apartment. Then they simply embed the result into the Flatfox ad and potential buyers and tenants can examine the apartment virtually.

Unlike usual photos, Cappasity 3D/360° content format is fully interactive and allows potential buyers to examine an apartment like they would offline: change the angle of perception, zoom in and see all the details. Embedding an interactive panorama into a listing of an apartment or a house has high potential to increase user interaction and therefore their interest in the offer. It is reported that over 80% of millennials want an opportunity to see a real estate listing in 3D prior to buying or renting.

“3D and 360° content is extremely helpful for remote demonstration of real estate. Cappasity has developed easy-to-use solutions for creating and sharing interactive panoramas of apartments within a matter of minutes. We’re happy that real estate sellers can now embed Cappasity 3D/360° content to Flatfox,” comments Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

About Flatfox

Flatfox is one of the pioneers among Swiss PropTech companies. Whether it’s a free real estate marketplace, handling tenant concerns or organizing the change of tenants: Flatfox provides real estate professionals with holistic support for all tasks in the letting process. Thanks to Flatfox, real estate managers and marketers can rent out properties faster and more conveniently. Founded in 2012, the PropTech now employs around 30 people in Bern, Zurich and Fribourg.

Flatfox website:

About Cappasity

Cappasity makes it easy to create and integrate immersive content based on 3D/AR technologies. Innovative experiences increase user engagement, brand awareness, and sales, while AI-powered analytics provide insights into how users view content online. 3D demonstration creates an unforgettable experience that can be used for product presentation, sales, interactive exhibitions, and auction houses.

Cappasity website:

3DShot app website:



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