Roadmap and 3D capturing app

We’ve decided to try to be as transparent as possible and move our roadmap to Trello so you could see the changes we make.


We aim to be conservative in what we are putting on our roadmap, but there is no guarantee of making a certain release. We sometimes even might stop working on a feature and remove it from the roadmap or replace it with another feature.

Why? Because we strive to develop our platform as quickly as possible, and we can occasionally use partner solutions instead of writing them ourselves.

We may change our tasks’ priorities depending on what our business development team is currently working on. For example, we have added the Internal Exchange feature to our roadmap, and we are going to release Cappasity.AI ahead of the scheduled time. In the same way, we are going to support SAP Hybris and Salesforce, which were originally missing, but now are necessary for the successful expansion of the platform.

When we negotiate a partnership, we may as well change the release date of some feature or app. For example, we have decided to reschedule release of our Android application for this summer, since we are going to launch it with the marketing help of a large partner in Asia.

Stay tuned!

You can find the current version of Cappasity’s roadmap here —


We know that you can’t wait to test our applications! We are preparing to release an update for Cappasity iOS app –

We have added the expected 3D capturing functionality. This is a very complex mode, and it requires a lot of testing. We invite you all to become the first users of our Cappasity app and help us test it carefully before the official release.

We would be interested to know about how you shoot and what problems you encounter while using the app. To do this, you need to subscribe to our private list, have an iPhone 6 or better and be ready to upload several files via a file sharing service such as Dropbox. Thanks for the help!

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