Special offer from 3DShot — get a whole year of integration with your website for free

Jul 2 · 2 min read

Cappasity is offering an awesome deal to anyone who is interested in adding immersive content to their website to boost sales: upload at least ten 3D Views of your products, made with the 3DShot app, to your online store and get a one year subscription ($1,200 value) for free! Let’s dive into the details.

Immersive content as a booster for sales

3D imagery is tremendously helpful for increasing consumer engagement and eventually boosting sales. Cappasity has conducted a survey showing that 8–35% of our clients reported an increase in sales conversions after integrating an innovative solution with 3D Shot app. The app allows you to create immersive 3D Views of products in a matter of minutes using just a smartphone.

Immersive content also bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. It saves time for the merchant as it provides more information about the items, leaving the customers with fewer questions. As consumers’ expectations for product imagery have grown tremendously in the past few years, adding interactive 3D Views to product cards gives your online business a competitive advantage. Also, 3D Views of items generated with the 3DShot app are streamed directly from the Cappasity platform, which means that the 3D images won’t load your servers, and your customers will ever be irritated by waiting for the content to show up on the page.

Why 3DShot App and what do we offer?

The 3D Views can be seamlessly integrated into your online store or a classified of your choice. Today, the content made with 3DShot can be embedded into popular website constructors such as Tilda, Wix and Readymag. It is also possible to embed 3D Views manually.

Help us spread the word about the benefits of the 3DShot app and get a one year subscription, normally $1,200, for free! Here is how to get your free annual plan:

  • Shoot a video of how you are making immersive content with the 3DShot app and share it with our marketing team.
  • Publish at least ten 3D Views of items made with the 3DShot app on your website.

As a “thank you” we will not only grant you the 3DShot app for a year, but we will also share information about your business on our social media. Fill out the form via this link and our managers will provide you with all the information about the offer!

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