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The metaverse could be tech’s next trillion-dollar opportunity: Cappasity will be one of the companies to make it a reality

According to CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus, the metaverse could represent a $1T market by the end of the decade. “But the metaverse is a vision, not a specific technology,’’ CB Insights mentioned. “For enterprises, this ambiguity can make it challenging to figure out how to tap into the emerging trends the metaverse represents.” In this regard, CB Insights has conducted research and provided a framework to navigate the distinct technological layers of the metaverse and the key vendors set on making the metaverse a reality. Cappasity is proud to be included in the list of virtualization tools (volumetric video).

Source: CB Insights

“Volumetric video is set to play a key role in bringing entertainment to the metaverse,” CB Insights explained. “Volumetric video companies capture videos of real-world experiences from multiple perspectives so that they can be viewed in 3D in digital environments.” Cappasity is among the volumetric video companies due to our recently presented technology that allows users to create AR holograms and examine products in a real-life environment.

Volumetric video technology is not the only one that Cappasity will offer. At the moment, we’re improving our proprietary 3D View format that lets customers interact with items like they would in brick-and-mortar stores. We’ll also support other popular 3D formats since our mission is to provide e-commerce companies with a full set of tools to create virtual showrooms in the metaverse. We’ll also offer virtual try-on technologies. Our customers will have the opportunity to combine any kind of immersive format with Cappasity 3D NFT. The proprietary utility token CAPP will be used in the provision of NFT services.

CAPP utility token:

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