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The use of digital fashion for immersive fashion events

Digital fashion’s potential is growing rapidly thanks to the variety of immersive collections and designer solutions shown during virtual fashion events, like the Vogue Business Metaverse Atelier. Let’s explore how brands can innovate with immersive, virtual experiences and what Cappasity is bringing to the table.

In September, Vogue Business held a metaverse event “Metaverse Atelier” in a virtual world created by Journee and powered by Epic Games. It was an immersive experience displaying some of the most notable digital fashion pieces to date, shown three-dimensionally for the first time.

The event’s visitors could also watch holographic interviews with virtual fashion pioneers. London-based artist Gary James McQueen spoke about the challenges of creating his first digital fashion show Guiding Light. The artist also unveiled his new Metahuman collection, for which he created highly detailed, photorealistic garments.

Amber Jae Slooten, The Fabricant co-founder and creative director, discussed the origin of the now-famous digital fashion house and the “Iridescence” dress, the world’s first digital-only blockchain clothing, which auctioned for $9,500 in 2019. The digital fashion piece was showcased in 3D for the first time ever during this event.

The visitors of Metaverse Atelier had the opportunity to explore digital-native luxury fashion house Auroboros’ standout piece — part of the Biomimicry collection, the first digital-only ready-to-wear collection to show at a major global fashion week in London in June 2021. And the event also featured virtual designer pieces from the Institute of Digital Fashion, ready-to-wear brand Hanifa, among others.

This kind of immersive digital format is an opportunity for fashion events to go beyond showcasing designs. The metaverse is the perfect tool for bringing guests behind the scenes and up close to view fashion at its finest. What’s more, the digital realm is unique in that it has extraordinary reach. By allowing your brand to become accessible to anyone, virtual fashion helps you attract a broader audience and amplify your brand’s visibility.

Here at Cappasity, we believe that immersive metaverse experiences are the future of fashion. Back in 2018, we demonstrated our vision of the metaverse for e-commerce in a visionary video created in partnership with the Feel Good Video studio:

Now we’re launching our solution, allowing brands to step into the metaverse with NFTs. A Cappasity NFT differs from other digital assets. It can contain not only photos and videos, but also text (e.g. a brand’s history); immersive content (3D/3D View visualization, AR holograms, virtual try-on); and VIP perks and benefits, like personalized discounts, invitations to events, priority access to new product launches; and more. Brands can add new content to NFTs even after their customer gets the token, which allows them to use Cappasity NFTs as a new channel for engaging with consumers and building brand loyalty.

To provide a customer with a Cappasity NFT, a brand creates an NFT on the Cappasity platform and generates a QR code, a redeem code, or an invitation link providing access to the NFT. The brand then prints the QR code on their product’s tag, or sends the redeem code or link to a customer by email. The buyer only needs to scan the QR code or follow the link, and they will get access to the NFT. This video demonstrates how a brand can share a Cappasity NFT using a QR code printed on an item’s tag:

To turn your fashion piece into an immersive NFT, feel free to contact our team at

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