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Tutorial: how to embed your 3DShot content into Notion

3DShot is a mobile application for creating immersive content on the go and sharing it on websites, mobile apps, and marketplaces. It allows anybody to create interactive 3D Views (data format developed by Cappasity) with a smartphone camera. Our users’ experience shows that 3D Views of items help them increase customer engagement, minimize returns, and boost conversion. Online customers, in turn, have an opportunity to interact with items like they would offline (rotate them, zoom in, and examine all tiny details) and make an informed purchase decision.

Notion is software designed to help members of a company coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments for the sake of efficiency and productivity. On top of that, Notion allows you to build a website without any coding. The website builder comes with helpful templates you can use as a springboard to get your pages up faster. In March of 2018, Notion 2.0 was positively received by Product Hunt and rated #1 Product of the Month. In 2021, Notion reached a $10 billion valuation, and the company had a total of 20 million users.

With the 3DShot app, you can make your Notion website more interactive and engaging. Please watch the video tutorial to find out how to embed your 3DShot content into Notion. As an example, here’s a video about how to create a 3D View of a painting with 3DShot and embed it into Notion.

Let’s discover the process step-by-step.

  1. Place the painting in a good spot.

2. Move slowly around the painting.

3. Crop the 3D View so that the painting fits into the frame.

4. Use filters to customize your 3D View.

5. Copy the link to the 3D View.

6. Embed the link to your 3D View into Notion.

7. It’s that simple! The 3D View is now available on your website.

Here’s the result:

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