Tutorial: how to embed your 3DShot content into Tilda

Learn how to make your product pages on Tilda more appealing with interactive 3D Views.

Apr 6 · 3 min read

The 3DShot app is an innovative solution by Cappasity that allows you to create high-resolution 3D Views of products in a matter of minutes. The 3DShot app has been created so that you only need your product, decent lighting and a smartphone to make a high-resolution 3D View. The app allows you to create a 3D visualization of your product that can be seamlessly integrated into your online store or a classified of your choice. The 3D content will help you to increase consumer engagement and eventually boost your sales.

Tilda is a publishing platform for websites, online stores and landing pages. It is an online tool that allows absolutely anyone to create a modern-looking website in just one day. The tool has gained wide recognition; in 2020 alone, over 1700 projects were made on Tilda, and it seems that this growth will continue at a high pace. Besides being a highly convenient block editor for websites and landing pages, Tilda is also a constructor of online stores.

As an example, we will demonstrate how to create a 3D View of a dress and integrate it into an online store on Tilda. You can see the full process in this video:

To integrate your 3D View into an online store on Tilda, just follow these simple steps:

1. Shoot your item with the 3DShot app by circling around it in good lighting.

2. Edit the resulting 3D View by choosing the start frame, adding filters, and changing the contrast and brightness. Add a product name.

3. Upload the 3D View using the 3DShot app.

4. Get the embed code for the resulting 3D View on the Cappasity platform.

5. Go to the item page on Tilda and add the “Add HTML” block to the product page.

6. Paste the 3D View embed code for your product.

7. Enjoy the interactive and immersive content on your product page!

Here is the end result:

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