Tutorial: how to embed your 3DShot content into Wix

Apr 13 · 3 min read

Here at Cappasity, we have prepared a set of easy-to-follow instructions on how to integrate immersive content created with 3DShot into websites made on Wix.

The 3DShot app is a powerful tool for creating and sharing interactive 3D product views. The app allows users to create professional-looking 3D Views of any product with just a smartphone. Once the 3D Views are integrated into a website, the immersive content streams directly from the Cappasity cloud platform, meaning that it loads quickly and saves the consumers valuable time. Adding immersive 3D content to product pages increases consumer engagement and potentially boosts sales.

Wix is a platform that works with over 200 million users in 190 countries, helping customers worldwide to increase their online presence or grow a business. Besides providing solutions for creating websites, Wix also provides solutions for SEO optimization, creating promotional videos, and building online stores.

The platform has gained recognition due to its convenience — in 2019 Wix has become the most searched website builder and gained over a million new premium users just in one year. Besides being a highly popular website builder, Wix is an excellent platform to create an online store, and in 2020 it was included in the world’s top-10 most used websites for e-commerce among one million of the world’s most popular sites.

Including 3D immersive content into your online store made on Wix can help you increase the time a customer spends on a product page and increase consumer engagement. In the video below, we will demonstrate how to integrate immersive content made with the 3DShot app into a Wix online store:

To integrate the 3D image of a product (in our case, a delicious cake), follow these simple steps:

1) Shoot your item with the 3DShot app by circling around it in good lighting.

2) Edit the resulting 3D View by choosing the start frame, adding filters, and changing the contrast and brightness. Add a product name.

3) Get the embed code for the resulting 3D View on the Cappasity platform.

4) Go to your Wix store and open the HTML settings of your product page. Paste the embed code of the 3D View onto the product page.

5) Enjoy the increased conversion and customer engagement on your product page!

Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to use the 3DShot app to help grow your business. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for more tutorials on creating immersive content for your business. If you have any questions on how to create immersive content, feel free to reach out to us!

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