Tutorial: how to shoot bags in a 3D View format

Sep 20 · 3 min read

Shooting bags for e-commerce websites can be pretty challenging. Fashion brands need to showcase their bags so that consumers can get the most accurate visual information about them. While shopping online, consumers want to understand how a bag will look and fit in real life and if it is comfortable and practical. Thanks to the Cappasity solution, creating detailed 3D visualizations of items like bags is easier than ever. Let’s look through the ways to create interactive 3D Views of bags with Cappasity.

Why use Cappasity 3D View format?

While searching for bags online, many consumers feel like they are facing an impossible dilemma. The purchase decision depends on many factors:

  • the item must be made of high-quality materials, be durable and long-lasting;
  • the bag’s size and shape must fit the consumer’s needs;
  • style is important, but the item also has to be practical and comfortable.

As usual, online shopping doesn’t allow consumers to examine all the features of accessories as they would in real life. Standard product images fail to demonstrate a bag from all angles of perception or showcase its size, shape, convenience and utility. As a result, consumers get too little visual information and can’t make informed and confident purchase decisions.

However, fashion brands can solve the issue with the use of immersive technologies. Here at Cappasity, we have developed a unique data format — Cappasity 3D View — that allows you to create high-quality interactive 3D visualizations of any item. Our proprietary 3D format provides photorealistic quality and 4k resolution. It enables businesses to shoot 3D Views at the speed of 1 SKU per 3–5 minutes (as opposed to 30 min for alternative solutions) while maintaining maximum content quality. A 3D View can be created from a video of an item, which allows photographers to shoot sophisticated objects, like people in motion or hanging objects.

To shoot 3D Views of bags, you’ll need to find a photo studio and digitize your items in 3D with the Easy 3D Scan software. To get a perfect 3D View of a bag, you’ll need a 4K camera, white backdrop, and studio lights. Let’s look through 3 creative ways to shoot bags in a 3D View format.

Ask the model to demonstrate the features, convenience and utility of the bag

As mentioned above, a bag has to be not only stylish, but also comfortable and practical. While a photographer is shooting a video, the model can demonstrate various ways of wearing a bag, like holding it in hand or wearing it with the strap over a shoulder. Additionally, the model can show how to open and close a bag with a metal clasp like press or twist locks. Thanks to such interactive content, your customers will learn more about the item’s utility and understand if this bag would be convenient to wear.

Shoot a hanging bag in 3D to demonstrate its size and details from all-around

Imagine you’re shooting a sophisticated object like a crossbody bag with multiple pockets, zippers, and different materials. In this situation, you can place it on a holder and create a 360-degree View of a hanging bag. To find out how to shoot hanging objects in 3D, read the Easy 3D Scan tutorial. Shooting hanging objects in 3D allows you to create 360-degree Views of unstable or sophisticated items. Thanks to 360-degree View, consumers can rotate the item and examine the bag’s size and details from all angles of perception.

Ask the model to try on the bag to showcase its dimensions and how it fits

Online shoppers are more likely to buy an item if they can visualize how it will look when they wear it. To showcase how a bag fits, we suggest shooting it on a model. This helps customers better understand the bag’s size, dimensions, and the strap’s length. Such details are essential for consumers when they’re choosing a bag. If the bag is on a model, a consumer can visualize how it would fit them in real life and make a conscious purchase decision.

Cappasity is here to help fashion brands showcase their bags in an immersive format. To start digitizing your accessories in 3D, fill out the contact form on our website. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay tuned.

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