Update: listing, marketing and VivaTech

Dear users,

I have some important news.

First of all, I would like you to welcome our new financial advisor Egor Vinogradov:

Professional investor with a finance background. Founder and CEO of an investment company with a solid turnover on the Russian bonds market (Top-3 in the country). Handles projects related to underwriting and bonds emission. Alma mater: Boston University, MSU, MGIMO. An experienced cryptocurrency trader managing portfolios of HNWIs. Founder and general manager of a masternodes fund. (https://ico.cappasity.com)

Egor will be assisting us with new crypto exchange listings and promoting token recognition in the crypto community. I am confident that you will soon see the results.

What do we think about the listings? First and foremost, the crypto exchange listing should reflect the project’s actual needs because our main goal is the platform’s development. The listing is a supplementary marketing tool, and, therefore, it needs to agree with the rest of the company’s marketing initiatives.

We will start our new marketing program in two stages — we expect to launch a new website in June and release the video we shot in LA. In addition, we have planned on issuing press releases with our partners and are working on the articles. The second stage will start immediately after the launch of the mobile app for 3D capturing which will be aimed for the general public.

Consequently, this summer, we will make plans for entering the new exchange (at least one) in order to boost our platform’s marketing. To avoid speculation, our moderators and company associates will not give you an exact date. For the time being, if you want to buy platform tokens, you can use KuCoin.

Second, I would like to go back to the CAPP #2 meetup. We are currently working actively with the business partners. Based on a combination of events, we decided to participate in the largest conference VivaTech. You can find Cappasity on the list of partners at https://vivatechnology.com/partners/ and meet us at booth J22–003. Stay tuned for a broadcast from the event!

This is a great opportunity for our company to negotiate agreements with new partners and customers. Thanks to our engineering team, we will have an advance demonstration of our 3D analytics for the very first time during the event. This is why we have decided to move CAPP #2 to July and will announce the exact date later on. In June, we will participate in IRCE (www.irce.com), and July will be a good time to assess where we stand. You will also meet the new Cappasity team members — we are expanding our team in the U.S. office.

In conclusion, I would like to note that our goal is to popularize the platform and connect partners to the Cappasity ecosystem. We have created the product desired by business and are working on making it widely popular among the general public.

As usual, we are awaiting you on our Telegram channel 24/7/365. You can always get support or ask the CEO your question.