Using novelty effect to increase sales

May 12 · 2 min read

Or how the ventral region of a tire is linked to Cappasity.

The term “novelty effect” refers to short-term performance gains that arise from external stimuli. In the context of user experience, novelty effect means that the buyer will be more interested in the product after seeing it in an unusual format.

People like new things. But why?

The human brain has a special area called the “ventral tegmental region.” Scientists have shown that it is activated when a person interacts with something new. You are reading about this term for the first time right now. The “novelty effect” was triggered and the so-called “reward system” was activated.

The more dopamine released into your bloodstream now, the stronger the ‘novelty effect’ is, and the more new, sustainable neural links will be formed after reading this article.

According to a study by Adam Lindgrin of Eindhoven University of Technology and Joel Vanhamm of Erasmus University in Rotterdam for The Journal of Customer Behavior “surprise can be an extremely effective marketing tool.” Positive amazement (that is, a positive reaction to a novelty) allows you to create an emotional engagement with customers and stimulate them to make a purchase. Therefore, it is more important than ever for retailers to be able to constantly surprise customers and offer them new formats of interaction with goods.

The novelty effect of rich content, which has already become the norm for most consumers, is gradually wearing off. The market is used to banners, videos, and landing pages. Now is the time for immersive content. 3D visualization and AR (augmented reality) are starting to move to the forefront. Immersive solutions are used for demonstration of such goods as jewelry, clothing, bags, shoes and accessories, underwear and much more.

The technologies created by Cappasity are novel. Previously, people haven’t been able to interact with goods in the way that can be done with our solution. This means that integrating solutions by Cappasity stimulates consumers to make a purchase more than the solutions already known to the market.

3D product demos

Demonstration of clothes in 3D

Demonstrating a transforming look in 3D

At this moment the creativity of immersive content is only limited by your imagination. To adopt immersive solutions ahead of your competitors, fill out this form and we will send you the best international practices for creating interactive 3D content.

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