Von Ruz partners with Cappasity to run a challenge

Dec 1, 2021 · 3 min read

November 29 marked the start of the Von Ruz and Cappasity challenge, a contest for anybody who’s interested in inclusive fashion and immersive technologies. The participants will have a chance to win a detachable blazer from Von Ruz’s collection.

Von Ruz is the womenswear brand bridging the gap between fashion and disability. With over one billion individuals in the world who are impacted by a form of disability, Von Ruz’s founder, Vongai N. Ruzive, believes that more can be done to reverse the lack of inclusivity in the fashion industry. Through her brand, she aims to pioneer inclusive fashion in Europe; she is currently residing in Paris while also expanding in London.

Von Ruz’s new capsule collection consists of garments that have been designed with consideration of the seated body (individuals who use a wheelchair), amputees, and those with sensory needs (conditions such as Autism). Individuals who identify themselves within these categories are catered to through carefully picked fabrics and textures, easily accessible openings, and considered hem lengths which were inspired by intense market and medical research undertaken by Ruzive with the NHS. This research was then converted to feminine pieces suitable for work or socialising.

Through considered visual aesthetics, the garments were intended to appeal to every woman whether they wanted to use the fully detachable function for ease of wearability, or just for styling only — a multifunctional approach. Parts open where they are not usually opened, fastenings are put which are not usually there. With so many important details on Von Ruz’s inclusive apparel, it’s important for the brand to demonstrate the functionality and convenience of the items to its online buyers. So, Von Ruz digitized the collection into 3D and AR formats with Cappasity to provide its consumers with fully immersive online shopping experiences. Now customers can examine the outfits as they would offline: rotate them, zoom-in, see all tiny details. Additionally, it’s possible to place models wearing the brand’s inclusive fashion designs in real-life environments with AR technology. Von Ruz and Cappasity have also teamed up to run a challenge and provide the brand’s fans with an opportunity to win a detachable blazer.

How to take part in the challenge:

1. Click one of the 3D images. Only the first 2 3D images can activate the augmented reality feature for the competition.

2. Allow it to activate your phone camera.

3. Video record your screen or capture by tapping the screen and save the photo.

4. Post on Instagram Post/Reel, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Post OR Tik Tok.

5. Tag @von.ruz/@vonruz & hashtag #enclusyv along with any other caption of your choice.

6. Follow Von Ruz on Instagram (@von.ruz) and the platform you are posting.


Who can participate: competition is open for all participants worldwide.

Submission period: from November 29 to December 8.

To win you must follow all steps above and your post/reel must be visually pleasing, show the model unzipping the blazer at any point of the recording and have an interesting location as background. The winner will be announced on Insta Live 9th December at 17:30 CET. Best capture wins a detachable blazer in any colour of the winner’s choice in either magnetic zip or double sided.

Best wishes to all the participants!

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