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Webinar: Digital twin creation technology for PLM

The Cappasity team invites you to join our upcoming live webinar, where Elina Minina, Cappasity CBDO and co-founder, will speak about immersive technologies for Product Lifecycle Management. The webinar will be useful for everybody involved in the product development process.

Topic: Digital twin creation technology for the products manufacturing process

Time: October 5, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT

4pm Paris time

10am New York time

Agenda will include:

  • At what production stages you’ll need immersive technologies
  • How immersive content improves team collaboration during the product development process
  • How to create a digital twin using a smartphone
  • How to share digital twins in chats, on corporate sites, and in PM/PLM software
  • How to create an AR hologram to demonstrate a product in a real-life environment and make it easier for teammates to inspect and adjust the prototype
  • Where else a digital twin can be useful
  • How to organize A/B testing of a product design

We will demonstrate the process of digital twin production and PLM features of Cappasity’s platform.

Don’t miss your chance to find out more about immersive technologies for Product Lifecycle Management!

To register for the webinar, click here:

About Cappasity

Cappasity is the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces. 12.7 million unique visitors per month view Cappasity’s 3D visualizations on our clients’ websites. The platform serves more than 282 million API requests per month.

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