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Why brands should invest in high-quality content

It’s important to differentiate your product from your competitors in e-commerce, and quality content is one of the best ways to do this. But standing out from the competition is not the only reason to embed high-quality product images into your online catalog. Let’s explore why online retailers should invest in high-quality product visualizations and look at some brands benefiting from the right e-commerce content.

The reasons why you should invest in high-quality content

#1 Boost customer retention and increase lifetime value (LTV)

In today’s highly-competitive market, online retailers focus on customer retention as never before. The reason is quite obvious: only a 5% increase in customer retention can boost company revenue by 25–95%. Yet, building customer loyalty is impossible without improving customer experience. One of the most effective ways to make customers’ online journeys more convenient is to provide them with high-quality product visualizations. Detail-oriented images, with clear and in-focus product features, help customers make better decisions and feel sure that your brand is the right fit for them. This helps you win customers’ trust, increase customer retention, and boost LTV. As a result, your brand becomes more profitable as a business.

#2 Reduce marketing costs

By retaining customers, you not only increase your margin, but also make yourself less dependent on high marketing budgets. Over the past few years, customer acquisition costs have drastically increased, which has affected e-commerce profitability for both brands and retailers. According to recent research, today merchants lose $29 for every new customer acquired, while in 2013 they lost on average $9, indicating a 222% CAC rise in the last eight years. If you focus on high-quality content that helps you maintain existing customers, you’ll be able to reduce customer acquisition costs.

#3 Generate more sales

Since humans are visual by nature, product demonstration is what sparks the initial interest in and desire for a product. In a survey by Weebly, 75% of respondents said that product images were “very influential” in whether they made a purchase. In that same survey, 22% of respondents said they returned items because they looked different in person than in the photo. High-quality product content provides an accurate visualization of the product, which is crucial for making an informed purchase decision when shopping online. The right product visualization is the key to increasing online conversion, minimizing returns, and gaining success in e-commerce.

How to create high-quality content for an online store?

To create high-quality product content, many brands successfully use immersive technologies like 3D product images and Augmented Reality. Cappasity provides brands with the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces. With Cappasity, brands can create interactive 3D Views of products (3D data format developed and patented by Cappasity) and allow online shoppers to interact with desired items like they would in a brick-and-mortar store: zooming in and changing the angle of perception to examine all the tiny details. Immersive content makes online shopping interactive, increasing sales by more than 30% and reducing returns.

A great example of how Cappasity 3D Views have helped a business increase their conversions is the partnership between Jazmin Chebar and Cappasity. Deploying Cappasity for its website, the fashion brand wanted to create an engaging online shopping experience that drives sales, loyalty, and product awareness. After embedding Cappasity 3D Views into the online store, Jazmin Chebar managed to increase both conversion and average time on a product page.

“As a luxury brand we deeply value this unique opportunity to show the quality and the materials of our high-end fashion products to our customers. The Cappasity solution helped us in that goal and moved us to a new stage of product representation with high-quality 3D images. We saw improvements in our conversion rates and time spent on the product page, and managed to achieve impressive results across all departments thanks to Cappasity 3D technology,” says Julieta Maidana, e-commerce manager at Jazmin Chebar.

Another way to provide online shoppers with a high-quality product demonstration is by delivering an AR shopping experience. With Cappasity, brands can create AR holograms of products for websites and apps without 3D modeling in 20 minutes. AR holograms let consumers interact with items like they would in real life. offering them an accurate and complete view of products. What’s more, they provide animated looks, allowing shoppers to envision the materials in movement.

Click the “Cube” icon to examine the look in AR.

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