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Why high-quality product content drives sales

What makes a consumer choose a certain e-commerce website over others to buy the product they want? There are many factors that impact online purchase decisions but visual product content is one of the most important ones. Let’s see why сreating high-quality content is the key to e-commerce success and how Cappasity can take your product demonstrations to the next level.

High-quality content provides an accurate visualization of products

Though e-commerce is a convenient alternative to in-store shopping, it still has its limitations. When shopping online customers don’t have the benefit of being able to see a product, touch it, and try it on to explore its materials and quality in detail. In addition, one major obstacle between consideration and purchase is uncertainty about a product’s authenticity, especially when it comes to the luxury market. Since online shoppers can’t physically examine an item, the only way to resolve their uncertainty is to place high-quality visualizations of products in online catalogs.

Thanks to high-quality content, online shoppers get a clear image of what they will receive and can then buy from your e-commerce store with confidence. Many customer surveys prove this point. According to Justino, 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Most importantly, the quality of the visuals you use to demonstrate your products is essential. For example, Etsy, an e-commerce platform focused on handmade items, found that the quality of product images was the deciding factor in an online sale for 90% of its users.

Still, having high-resolution product photos alone is not always enough. For some items, details are incredibly important. Clothing zippers, jewelry clasps, and footwear soles require a particularly careful examination that flat images fail to provide. Consequently, the ability to zoom in on specific details and change the angle of perception has become a must-have feature for e-commerce. So, how can brands provide their online shoppers with this experience?

Adding interactivity to high-quality content improves product perception and builds customer trust

One of the most effective ways to bring physical in-store product interaction to online retail is embedding immersive content like 3D and AR into e-commerce. For instance, Cappasity 3D Views (3D data format developed and patented by Cappasity) allow consumers to interact with products the way they would in a brick-and-mortar store: changing the angle of perception and zooming in to examine the quality and materials in detail. According to key metrics obtained after performing Cappasity customer development, 3D Views improve product perception by 23% and increase purchase intent by 29%.

A great example of how a brand can use 3D Views to improve the perception of their items is Claris Virot’s online store. Claris Virot focuses on designing bags, purses, belts and footwear, most of which are made of python, lizard, and croco leather. It’s essential for the brand to allow online shoppers to study every detail of their unique products. The brand digitized items in 3D with the help of the Cappasity platform and embedded interactive 3D Views into their online store. Now, the brand can build purchase confidence and enthusiasm by ensuring their customers have an accurate understanding of each product.

High-quality immersive content increases customer engagement, resulting in higher add-to-cart rates

What’s more, Claris Virot noticed an increase in customer engagement. “With Cappasity, our visitors spend an average of 19 seconds more time browsing products and 26 seconds more on the most popular bags,” shared Jean-Christophe Ankaoua, President of Lion-Snakes (Marque Claris Virot). Data obtained by Cappasity shows that after embedding immersive content into an online catalog, the average time on a product page increases by at least 40%. Since the time a consumer spends in a shopping environment has a direct impact on add-to-cart rate, a 3D product image is an effective tool to increase purchase probability.

Footwear brand SHOES 53045 also digitizes items in 3D to provide consumers with high-quality visual content. After embedding interactive 3D Views of shoes in its online store, the brand managed to improve customer engagement. “Cappasity technology is just as innovative and edgy as we are. By offering customers the possibility to discover our shoes from every angle, it’s the perfect technology to improve customer experience. We’ve noticed that our clients now spend more time on the product page than they did before. The Time on Page has been improved by 18% thanks to interactive 3D images,” commented Aurelia Ammour, Co-founder and CEO of SHOES 53045.

High-quality immersive content minimizes the risks of customer disappointment, leading to fewer returns

Returns account for almost 30% of all sales and, on average, 35% of respondents mentioned that the discrepancy between the photos seen online and the resulting product was their main reason for returning an item. Providing consumers with detailed product visualizations in an immersive format is the perfect way to minimize the risks of customer disappointment after product receipt, resulting in fewer product returns.

As you see, the quality of your product content is vital for staying competitive and driving sales on your e-commerce site.

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