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Why we use blockchain — Cappasity NFT

This year, the Cappasity platform will allow brands to create Cappasity NFTs. Let’s see why Cappasity NFTs are truly valuable digital assets.

What is Cappasity NFT?

What makes a Cappasity NFT different from other digital assets is that it contains additional materials (3D/3D View visualization, AR holograms, virtual try-on, and more) besides usual data like images, videos, and textual information. This unlocks more utilities for NFTs. For example, Cappasity NFT holders can get special rewards, like premium memberships, loyalty bonuses, priority access to new product launches, and VIP passes to events. As a result, Cappasity NFT will help brands add value to their products through access to unique content and a product authentication solution.

Cappasity NFT allows its owner to interact with the product in Augmented Reality

How to create Cappasity NFT?

We’ll describe the process in the second part of the post. Follow our news on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay tuned.




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