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Why we use blockchain — How to create a Cappasity NFT

We’ve already explained why Cappasity NFTs are truly valuable digital assets in the first part of this post. Now let’s see how to create a Cappasity NFT on the platform.

When we launch this functionality, the process will be as follows. If you have already uploaded 3D/AR content to the Cappasity platform, you’re just steps away from creating your Cappasity NFT. Simply go to your Cappasity account, select the content to be turned into NFT, and click “Create NFT”. Once the token is created, you can fill it with information. After editing your NFT, you can make it visible to the public and other users of the platform will be able to either buy your token or redeem it using a special code.

Users need to enter crypto wallet details to mint their Cappasity NFT. As a result, they’ll be able to sell your Cappasity NFTs to marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and other platforms that support Polygon blockchain.

First, we’re going to release several NFTs for the winners of Cappasity pet contest. Soon after we’ll provide the functionality to our enterprise clients, and after finalizing it with them, we’ll make it publicly available.

Cappasity NFT allows its holder to virtually try on the item

Cappasity NFT will primarily serve as an enterprise solution for brands. We’re going to provide limited access to the service since we want to avoid uploading bad-quality and useless content to our platform. Our main goal is to make sure that the content created for Cappasity NFT is of high quality and uses the maximum potential of this format. The content will be created by brands that have something interesting to share with the audience and Cappasity NFTs will be truly valuable digital assets.

The proprietary utility token CAPP will be used in the provision of NFT services.

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