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Why we use blockchain — payments in CAPP utility tokens

As you know, we accept CAPP utility tokens as an alternative and more convenient payment method for the Cappasity services. Here’s why we use CAPP utility tokens and how they benefit our customers.

Using CAPP utility tokens allows us to save on fees that we pay to the third-party payment systems and thus provide additional discounts to the Cappasity platform users. Currently, most of the platform users are enterprise clients, but next year we’re going to release several updates for our software and launch a marketing campaign to target millions of SMB users. Hence, if they pay for a subscription in CAPP utility tokens, it will cost them at least 20% less.

On top of that, we’re going to attract creators who will produce valuable content for brands and small businesses to our platform. CAPP utility token will serve as a means to encourage and reward creators for their contribution. There’s certainly a lot of work to be done to develop the proper economic system, but we are gradually moving in this direction to add more use cases for CAPP utility token in the Cappasity platform’s ecosystem.

CAPP utility token:

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