3D Content Import and Cappasity API

As developers, we know the challenges faced when trying to achieve compatibility of data formats with different devices. That is why we are working on a solution that will allow for mitigating technical issues related to uploading procedures of various 3D content.

From now on developers can stop worrying that some content will not be compatible with the different VR/AR devices. Cappasity will enable developers to embed different types of content, automatically optimizing them for the target device. The Cappasity team plans to introduce API to solve data import issues, including an interface for creating a load module for any 3D data format.

The Cappasity platform supports a variety of 3D model formats. Cappasity’s own formats (3D View and 3D Hologram) were developed to ensure easy exchange and embedding of 3D images into websites and AR/VR apps. 3D View is designed for websites and mobile apps, and 3D Hologram works better for AR/VR apps and equipment. To support correct formats in other development environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine the developers are provided with the relevant plugins. On top of that, imported 3D model formats can easily be converted to 3D View or 3D Hologram for embedding and sharing convenience.

Today, the Cappasity platform supports the most popular formats like *.OBJ / *.STL / *.WRL, and we are constantly expanding this list. Moreover, we plan to provide 360-degree video support.

We seek to support developers of various 3D content solution: developers will be able to connect their SDK to the Cappasity platform. Thus the developers of their own solutions will easily be able to build partnerships with Cappasity ecosystem. Moreover, Cappasity will give awards for the most innovative and groundbreaking SDKs and apps, and the money for that will come from the AR/VR Innovation Fund, which accounts for a great part of the funds collected at token sales.

As an example of a successful integration, we present JoinedApp connected to the Cappasity platform, which allows for the use of 3D View in mobile messaging. Prior to the token sale, we are going to upload to GitHub a description of our API and application cases for web and mobile devices.

Opportunities for 3D content usage in business and entertainment are yet to be explored, and Cappasity offers an advantageous way to join forces and thus multiply the benefits for consumers as well as for developers and 3D content creators.