Additional bonus for early contributors

Thank you for supporting our crowdsale! In the two days since we published the news about closing Phase 1 of the public sale, over 700 new users have joined in.

We appreciate your support, and all early contributors will receive a unique code which provides access to an additional bonus on top of the already purchased ARTokens. Early contributors are those crowdsale participants who register by November 5 at

The unique code gives you a 3% bonus for all your transactions! You can use it immediately or deposit more funds to your wallet and activate it later. In our crowdsale portal, you will see a new section titled “Get your bonus”. Open it and follow the instructions.

Our programmers are working on portal modifications, and we are planning to begin issuing bonuses on November 9.

Thank you for being with us. We will be developing the Cappasity ecosystem together!


For more information, visit