Announcing whitelist application — why we chose not to do a pre-sale

Almost without argument there is a general consensus the mechanism of the perfect Token Sales does not exist today. There are a number of examples of previous Token Sale events where issues were identified and when shared within the Blockchain community were identified and corrected in following releases. The majority of the issues occurred at the infancy of the Crowdsale token lifecycle model and were arguably caused by speculators, investors wanting to cash in on the hysteria of the event without wanting or caring to participate in what the token event really meant; that is the building of a mechanism which would be used to value, recognize, assign, appreciate and enable commerce (trade) with the platform and wider ecosystem.

The value of the contributor was soon recognized as paramount in the health of building immense value, from a blank piece of paper. The contributor’s value was also recognized as being ‘in perpetuity’ as this person was a believer in the technology and the model of disruption and transparency generally, they were not motivated by the profit motive alone! We now understand that without the efforts of the unpaid contributors many of the most well-known and famous Blockchain applications and architectures would not exist today, or may exist but not at the level of health and accomplishment, both from a development and services prospective.

It is with this foresight we have decided to offer a “whitelist application” process to all interested persons of the Cappasity technology and dream. We invite all persons who have an interest in AR/VR and 3D content, in building a platform and supporting ecosystem where original creative content is recognized and marketed within the immutable and transparent mechanism of a Blockchain, to apply for acceptance into this whitelist Cappasity utility token event.

We also want to hear from anyone in the greater e-commerce community who understands AR/VR and 3D content will revolutionize the web e-commerce and online experience. This reality has already started and is evidenced through the Cappasity web pages in testimonials and detail. By having a group of understanding and supportive investors, sharing a long term view of our aspirations and Mission, we are emboldened to officially announce our ‘whitelist application’ event. The ‘whitelist’ event is by application and acceptance only and serves as a reward, and an early thank-you, to our loyal group of Cappasity contributors and those who believe and support the ‘more immersive 3D enhanced future’. To apply just click on the “Apply for Whitelist” button from the ‘ARToken by Cappasity’ website and complete the web-form. It is really as easy as that! We will be in contact again closer to the event with some more information.

Bonuses will be paid to early contributors meaning the bonuses are larger for the first contributors and steadily decrease for all subsequent contributions after that. The message here, if you believe in a World of AR/VR and everything 3D, then subscribe early because the ‘early bird does get the largest slice of the preverbal worm.’ It is with the belief that our contributors, believers and supporters, will be the glue that aligns the interests of all, for the future success of Cappasity that we proudly present to you our ‘Whitelist Application’ offer. Please see the offer and application form here.

We have already come so far in changing the paradigm of AR/VR and 3D content creation and distribution but we are just getting started. Apply for acceptance to the Whitelist and share in the vision and the ride.