As you know today our CAPP token was delisted after our post about issues with HitBTC. The delisting was a complete surprise to us all at Cappasity. Did HitBTC discuss their intending delisting of us before taking the action that they did? NO. They don’t appear to care about their users (you), their behaviour to turn-off our trading ability, appears to be based solely on emotion.

The HitBTC exchange then engaged a Russian guy to infiltrate the Cappasity Telegram channel and commence an organised regime of spreading false and misleading information in and throughout the Telegram channel. Also we were attacked by ‘bots’ and several guys started creating new accounts in Twitter and Reddit to post false and defamatory information about the company and me, personally. At this time we decided to defend our position, and add more detail through our media channels.

Here you can find the screenshots depicting the trouble-maker being hired by HitBTC. The conspirators fabricated a story about me (Cappasity CEO and Founder) selling tokens, but the conspirators made some mistakes in their desire to destroy the Cappasity name and my reputation, personally. Please see screenshot.

You can see the screenshot is from an internal HitBTC document and details some transactions. Are they real? Sure! Our company (Cappasity) has a 12% early contributor’s wallet. This detail is shared readily in our White Paper and shared in other media channels (including telegram) and in some promotional material. You can also check our smart contract for detail of same. It was time to make the payments before the end of this year and these payments were completed using the email address of the CEO. There is nothing dishonest here! From that simple fact these ‘trouble-makers’ concocted a sensational story of personal and professional betrayal, misappropriation and fraud. I am not the trader however with very little care of detail for the facts, a story was started, malicious in its intent to destroy!

Why would persons want to behaviour in such a mischievous, dangerous and careless manner? A question best asked of the HitBTC management team? I believe it was an emotional reaction to our critic of their exchange and partners. We reserve the right to address further parties in respect of this incident and behaviour, via the media or through legal action. This story is not yet finished and I will report on it further as our legal counsel allows me to.

In respect of the official press release by HitBTC, myself and the Cappasity Team categorically deny the accuracy of assertion of that release. We have always communicated with HitBTC in a timely and professional manner and believe the suspension of trading service was driven by an emotional response to criticism. We will defend strenuously claims or assertions to the contrary.

Finally, myself and my Team categorically deny any wrong doing whatsoever and reserve the right to protect, through legal or any other lawful means, our reputation and the reputation of the Cappasity entity.

Now we are happy that CAPP is available on Cryptopia! Happy trading.

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