Attention — HitBTC incompetence

Unfortunately, we have had problems with HitBTC from the very beginning, and it gets more complicated every day. We are not satisfied with the quality of support and are planning to switch to another exchange in the near future.

It appears that most users cannot deposit money or withdraw tokens. HitBTC support does not respond to emails, and we have a large number of concerned users in our channel. Some users lost their money when making a transfer. This is not good for the token, and our administrators spend 70% of their time supporting HitBTC users. HitBTC blog post doesn’t explain anything —

We do not exclude the possibility of delisting our token from this exchange if the situation does not improve very soon.

Immediately after we posted the text about negative experience with HitBTC in our announcement channel, our token was delisted without any notice. Ok, HitBTC.

Please keep this in mind when working with HitBTC and completing transactions!

We will keep you updated on our progress with listing on other exchanges. It’s the holiday season now, but we have no doubt that CAPP is going to be listed soon, and we will come back with an update early next week.

What does it mean? Now you can withdraw your tokens from HitBTC to your wallet. Click on Balance and here you go.

Is it good or bad for price? Dear friends, please do not forget, that the value of the CAPP token does not depend on the exchange trading. CAPP is not a token for speculation, it is a utility token for the platform.

The price of CAPP is increasing because we work and focus on developing the platform. The important releases are ahead. People see the potential of token. Problems with exchange are temporary, the potential of CAPP is more important.

Thank you for understanding!

Update: Cappasity on the new exchange — Cryptopia


The HitBTC exchange then engaged a Russian guy to infiltrate the Cappasity Telegram channel and commence an organised regime of spreading false and misleading information in and throughout the Telegram channel. Also we were attacked by ‘bots’ and several guys started creating new accounts in Twitter and Reddit to post false and defamatory information about the company and me, personally. At this time we decided to defend our position, and add more detail through our media channels.

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