CAPP #1 Announcements

On January 23, Cappasity held its first meetup. You can watch a video recording of the meetup, and here is a list of our key announcements. We are also going to publish a blog posts and articles about each of the announcements in more detail.

Q1 2018 — three major releases for developers: 3D capturing app, iOS and Android frameworks, SDK and plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine

Internal exchange: Our goal is to have all our current clients use the CAPP token. Our programmers are now working on the internal exchange, which will make it possible to buy tokens at the client’s request.

For example, we have a client who pays with his PayPal account or a credit card. We are going to give him an option to buy CAPP tokens directly on the platform and use our services. The Platform will also buy CAPP tokens from exchanges and offer them to our clients.

More clients give us a higher token turnover.

Cappasity wallet: Now you can not only transfer tokens to your account but also withdraw them. The wallet is currently in QA but this is the first step to an exchange tool and original wallet for the Cappasity community.

Why is this important? The platform’s success depends on how easy it is to use our TOKEN. We do everything possible to ensure that our community has all the necessary tools. In the future, you will be able to use our wallet to buy CAPP.

Cappasity Innovation fund announcement: The Innovation Fund is a grants fund that we are launching in order to support developers working with 3D format and creating new immersive experiences with Cappasity solutions. Currently, we are preparing for Phase 2 of the ICO. Once it’s completed, the Fund will be equal to nearly 10 million US dollars in CAPP token ready to be distributed across participants.

Cappasity in Station F: Since this year Cappasity is presented at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus located in Paris and created by Xavier Niel, #159 in France (Forbes Billionaires 2017). Station F used to be a rail depot and it is now home to multiple acceleration programs. It is a 34,000 m2 facility that can accommodate up to 1000 stratups and provides 3000 desks for them. But larger companies like Microsoft and Facebook are also represented there.

LVMH Innovation Program: We are excited to let you know that Cappasity has been selected from hundreds of applicants to join the 6-month innovation program of the #1 luxury group in the world — LVMH, and LVMH stands for Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. It is important for us to be part of this program because we develop a 3D ecosystem and e-commerce is the first vertical we focus at. This program allows us to gain direct access to some of the well-known luxury brands that nurture innovation and creativity and seek ways to improve their customer’s experience online. On top of that, we strive to reinvigorate the retail industry by introducing a solution for fast and easy 3D product imaging and embedding.

Cappasity Club: We have decided not to run the bounty campaign at Phase 2 of the ICO as we suggest our community should participate in a new format of PR activities. We believe that this format will be much more effective. What is the idea behind Cappasity Club? We are launching this program to give our community an opportunity to uncover the creative capacities that lie deep within them, as well as inform as many people as possible about our project. The club is intended to attract the most motivated and active community members.

Token sale Phase 2 — Overview

The Phase 2 Token price will be equal to the pricing on CMC and will be recalculated every hour.

Total CAPP amount available for Phase 2 crowdsale: is capped by $47.5M hard cap.

The actual amount of CAPP tokens will be known after the end of the crowdsale

Listing: CAPP token is already listed on Cryptopia. An additional exchange will be announced later.

Key Dates

The Presale registration will be open on January 23 and will finish on February 21. If you want to participate in the presale, make sure you register during this period. It will not be possible to register during the actual pre-sale.

The Closed presale itself will run between: February 22 and March 22

The Public sale will start on 22nd of March

The sale will end in 28 days after the launch, or once we reach the hard cap.

You will be able to contribute in two currencies — BTC and ETH

There will be a Minimum Purchase Transaction: of 0.003 BTC or 0.04 ETH

We will not be accepting contributions of less than 0.003 BTC or less than 0.04 ETH. Such contributions won’t be treated as purchase transactions and will be ignored.


We are grateful to everyone who’s been participating in the growth of Cappasity up till now. So for those of you who would like to participate in the Phase 2, we have prepared a few bonuses as a sign of our appreciation.

Rationale for Bonus scheme: Cappasity wants to promote Phase 2 of the ICO while also further rewarding Phase 1 and exchange participants.

Early bird bonus:
Participate in Phase 2 and contribute to the raising of first 10M USD to receive 10% bonus.

Community Bonus: a guaranteed 3% bonus + an extra bonus (2%, 3% or 4%) = maximum up to 7% bonus.

In order to claim community bonus, you first have to fit 2 criteria:

  1. By the end of crowdsale you should have more than $1000 in CAPP in your wallet (from Phase 1 or exchange purchase);
  2. You should purchase CAPP during the Phase 2 of the ICO (at least the minimum USD amount for Phase 2).

We will give 3% to everyone who fits into the above criteria.

An extra bonus 2–4% will be added based on the value of tokens that you bought and hold on your account (from Phase 1 or exchange purchase).

Please refer to the following tiers (amount in CAPPs):
$5,000 — $50,000–2%
$50,001 — $150,000–3% 
$150,001 — … — 4%
After the crowdsale is over, we will check the wallets in order to confirm that you comply with the requirements. If your CAPP balance meets the requirements, you will receive the guaranteed bonus and the extra bonus.

The example, including early Bird bonus:

A CAPP participant has $1000 in CAPP tokens (they bought them during Phase 1 or on the exchange, but before the end of Phase 2) and they buy tokens equivalent to $2000 during Phase 2. What bonus will they get?
They receive 10% early bonus + 3% guaranteed bonus (a total of 13%). No extra bonus will be added as they purchased tokens only equivalent to $1000 during Phase 1 or on the exchange (the first tier starts from $5,000).

The example, including early Bird bonus:
A CAPP participant has $5000 in CAPP tokens (they bought them during Phase 1 or on the exchange but before the end of Phase 2) and they buy tokens equivalent to $2000. What bonus will they get?
10%+ 3%+2% = a total of 15%. The bonuses are calculated and added based on the amount of tokens that they bought during Phase 2 (they were equivalent to $2000).

The formula: the total number of tokens that a participant will receive= a number of purchased tokens during Phase 2 * (100% + % bonuses)

We plan on holding meetups at least once every quarter, and our next event will take place in the U.S.