Cappasity at Paris Region AR/VR TechMeeting

Cappasity has been invited to participate in the AR/VR TechMeeting organized by Paris Region Entreprises, the economic development agency of the Paris Region.

Their mission is to attract foreign companies with growth potential into the Paris Region and assist their set up. Paris Region Entreprises also aims to play an advisory role for businesses providing them with long-term guidance in their development.

Objectives of the Paris Region TechMeeting:

Startups gain exposure to large European and US corporations and organizations, fostering technological partnerships and business, in order to European and US large corporations and initiate potential strategic partnerships. Large corporations, looking for innovative solutions in AR/VR, are given the opportunity to present their expectations, needs and challenges and acquire relevant technologies.


15 Large Corporations (Business & Innovation Executives) — Fujitsu, Oracle, Cisco, HSBC, etc

Location: Paris Region Entreprises, 11 rue de Cambrai