Cappasity platform for 3D/VR/AR shopping

We are excited to see the growth of the AR / VR industry and how large companies are beginning to support it. That’s why we focus on content creation and embedding 3D images into applications and websites. Thousands of developers will join the Cappasity ecosystem in 2018. We solve the most important part of the AR / VR production pipeline — how to quickly produce thousands of 3D images. Next year our team is going to release free plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, so that everyone could integrate content from the Cappasity platform. Now we are negotiating with many retail brands and such news helps to grow Cappasity –

The main obstacle for online retailers is that they need to create a large number of high-quality 3D images quite fast. Their catalogs contain a vast number of products and are being constantly updated. At the same time, production of 3D images should be within a reasonable cost. No one would pay, say, $200 per product for its 3D digitization, if the company needs them digitized at a rate of thousands of products per month.

More 3D View samples —

The Cappasity’s crowdsale has received wide public support — over 11,000 people registered on the portal and over 5,000 have already bought Cappasity Tokens. We have already raised $2.3M to this date and are going to raise up to $50M in Phase 2 next year.

Cappasity Token— will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates 3D content exchange and services among the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.

To support active content creators and developers of AR/VR/3D software, we will establish the AR/VR Innovation Fund. Upon the completion of Phase 2 token sale, we will allocate 20% to support AR/VR innovations. The AR/VR Innovation Fund rewards the developers of the most promising apps.