Cappasity presented at the World Blockchain Forum

September 25–26, London — the third annual World Blockchain Forum (WBF) will take place at the Oval Space. This year’s WBF aims to become the hub where local executives and industry leaders discuss the potential possibilities blockchain, specifically, how they could introduce this technology to their businesses, as well as understanding related complications. This event is designed to create great opportunities to network, explore new technologies, and find investment opportunities.

The conference includes two days of non-stop inspirational speeches about state-of-the-art technologies. Prominent speakers will cover a wide array of topics spanning from the bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, distributed ledger databases, and much more. The event features over 40 of the world`s most famous speakers from companies such as EOS, Wings, BitAngels, Jaxx, Bitcoin, Augur, Cooley, RSK, eBoost and OAX, 12 of the world`s most innovative financial conferences, over 350 CEOs, senior executives, VIPs, investors, government officials and more. Moreover, the event is said to be among the five world-class networking events in the industry.

WBF speakers will supervise two Pitch your ICO sessions, consisting of an hour on each day to showcase the most innovative new ideas in cryptocurrency. Exhibitors will present their business ideas on the main stage to investors and attendees.

Cappasity will present ARToken project, a groundbreaking initiative featuring an ecosystem designed to provide a comprehensive solution for 3D content exchange, which will be advantageous for both content makers and consumers. Cappasity representative will introduce an answer to two main challenges faced by the industry now — lack of content and exorbitant prices. ARToken project features a marketplace with favorable commercial conditions for all interested parties, digital rights protection for content makers and free API/SDK for developers.