Cappasity Remeshing Solution

As we know, a 3D model is a representation of any three-dimensional object. There are two primary types of 3D models: NURBS surface and polygon models, usually called “meshes”. Polygons are useful for constructing many types of 3D models and are widely used in the development of 3D content for animated effects in film, interactive video games, and the internet.

While polygons are flat surfaces, they can only estimate curved shapes, which many objects have. Therefore, smaller polygons more accurately represent curved objects. Of course, using smaller polygons also means that more polygons are required to create the object — the more polygons a 3D model has, the smoother and more realistic it looks.

The problem is that not any device can process detailed 3D models fast. It depends on a video card or its emulator. If a PC can be stuffed with the best video cards, for a mobile device it obviously will not work. Surely, you have noticed more than once how a smartphone starts lagging when you play a beautifully designed game with detailed and realistic images.

The solution for this problem may be found in creating so-called “low poly” models with the reduced number of polygons. It will also reduce the smoothness of the surfaces and the file size, making it available for a wider range of devices. But is it possible to find the way to minimize the number of polygons without compromising the quality of the image?

On the other hand, a model designed for 3D printing should be as detailed as possible. The more details are accentuated, the easier it is to 3D print the object, and the smoother are the curves and lines. That means that the number of polygons should be increased for better output quality of 3D printing.

Cappasity Remeshing Solution tool was developed to solve such issues. It allows calling API methods which redesign the mesh of the 3D model, i.e. increase or reduce the number of polygons. The optimization of a 3D model will make it equally possible to make it available for any device (creating a low poly image) or ensure good quality of 3D printing.

Developers will not require additional models with the lesser number of polygons to suit the device’s poly count. Users will not need to be concerned about the quality of 3D print. Cappasity Remeshing Solution offers an easy and convenient way to improve 3D modeling, opening the door to new opportunities.