Cappasity — solving the 3D mass-adoption problem for online retailers

The Challenge

The challenge facing the mass-adoption of 3D imaging for retail has been the inability to create great 3D content easily and within the same timeframe as existing standard photography. The requirement for photo-fast 3D content is neither ambiguous nor ambivalent, but one defined by the rigors of retail e-commerce, customer demands, cost and time.

The traditional 3D process saw the taking of many photos over different aspects of the object being photographed. Software was then utilised to knit the 3D image together. The result was a lengthy process and a requirement for specific learned software skills. This process is inconsistent with a mass adoption event, thus defining the need for the Cappasity solution.

The Cappasity Solution

Cappasity has developed a fast 3D production system, a software pipeline that works as fast as traditional photography. Working closely with e-commerce retail leaders, Cappasity has redefined the 3D retail production landscape enabling a 3D experience for everyone.


Part of the 3D content creation puzzle is a requirement for photographic equipment (hardware). Here, it is critical Cappasity offers a hardware agnostic service and this is exactly what it does. In spite of your equipment the Cappasity software platform enables the creation of 3D content, and it all happens without fuss or frustration, under the Cappasity hood! This layer agnostic functionality reduces barriers to entry and participation, an important value adding feature of the Cappasity system.


Automation is an important ingredient in most engineered solutions today. As a platform service provider Cappasity has developed a ‘software as a service’ layer taking traditional 3D conversion processes and replacing these with engineered functionality. The result is a fully automated process where software automatically converts standard video content into 3D view, extracting all necessary data in the process.


With a ‘State of the Art’ software solution, Cappasity have produced something very special in the Cappasity 3D content creation platform, allowing for fast, cheap and accessible 3D content creation and production all at once. The Cappasity 3D software ensures all content editing is done within the Cappasity 3D software. A traditional photographer doesn’t need to use any extra technology to produce great content and now, neither does the 3D content creator. All colour adjustment, crop image and other filters reside inside the Easy 3D scan software, meaning after adjustment the image is ready for easy embedding.

Producing large volumes

In large retail business the ability to set and forget is both valuable in respect to time and cost. Within the Cappasity Easy 3D scan software there exists a number of configuration settings. The ‘3D digitizing profiles’ (‘presets’) configuration allows for the pre configuration of colour filters and crop settings to be applied against all product types of a similar type. For example, a client is 3D digitizing one thousand (1,000) shoes and handbags. The client sets the configuration filter once, saves them as a profile, and then applies the profile to the entire product set, then walks away and forgets. Cappasity’s Easy 3D scan software does the rest.

Batch processing

Batch processing is a unique Easy 3D scan software configuration setting. It has been developed with the view of supporting tight development times, multi individual, multi team, and multi task 3D development, quickly. In such instance, a large team may be working on the development of a detailed 3D imaging product. In this instance an operator loads all the files (Images) from the individual’s solo work into a single file domain, converts the files into 3D view, applies the requisite profiles, and loads same into the Cappasity cloud platform for the later embedding.


As soon as a Cappasity 3D image/file is upload, the image/file can be used, embedded directly into retailers’ product page. The API is configured to provide an automatic synchronization between the retailer’s catalogue and the Cappasity created 3D image. This means it’s a process of photo taking, 3D software image creation, SKU mapping and seeing the 3D image on the retailer’s website.

This is the process Cappasity uses to support many different businesses over many different verticals, calling on many different content files. Such a process and methodology allows for great scalability and control.


Online retailers and all who seek the more immersive and interactive experience that 3D content has proven to supply, now have a ‘single stop solution’ for their content creation, distribution and management needs. Cappasity provides an ‘all-in-one solution’ for a fast 3D content production for Enterprise and Small to Medium Business retailers. The Cappasity solution solves all the technical, process and commercial problems for a scalable 3D creation and production value chain. With thanks to Cappasity’s 3D platform service any online retailer can now enlarge their own customer’s experience of their online products.