Cappasity Platform value

Dear Cappasity friends,

Thank you again for your participation in the crowdsale! Together we start developing the first Ecosystem for 3D content creation and embedding. We are going to share the latest news on our progress with you once per week.

Today, I would like to talk about factors that have an impact on the Cappasity platform value and what we are currently focusing on.

The following business activities:

  • new commercial clients
  • pilot projects with brands
  • strategic partnership agreements
  • community development: working with community photographers, designers, artists, and programmers and bringing them to the platform
  • regular meetups in the US, Europe, and China

Here is our current business activities dashboard:

The total value of contracts increases as we move forward with deals and progress from the “Need discovered” stage to the “In negotiation” stage. We use Pipedrive to track our progress toward our business goals.

The Cappasity platform value depends on the development of the company only during the early stage. After Phase 2, the value will mostly depend on other companies entering the Ecosystem. Therefore, our business activities are aimed at the development of the Ecosystem.

What are the other factors that affect the Cappasity platform value? The latter highly depends on the software development activities. Before Phase 2, we plan to complete:

  • cross-platform SDK/API for other developers
  • mobile app for mass adoption
  • new platform features and integrations with other platforms.

Here is our roadmap:

How can you contribute to the development of the Ecosystem?

I am going to dediсate another blog post to this subject later. The most important thing for us now is the maximum number of integration of the Cappasity platform. If you have personal contacts in the e-commerce industry and these companies want to increase their conversion by 30% or 40%, please let us know. You can share with them the following landing page We will reward you! We pay good commissions

Have any questions or ready to share your contacts with us? Contact Natalie Reyes, Cappasity CSO, at