Content created in support of arguably the greatest change in technological ‘user habit’ since the inception of the Internet. — Cappasity Platform and Ecosystem

Yes, the title is striking and thought provoking. Let me explain why I choose it!

Starting now and over the next 5 to 10 years every action, re-action and inter-action that you now perform with an internet, e-commerce or connected application based technology will change. That means you will no longer be checking and reading mail from a laptop, desktop or mobile device. It means a visit to your local Dr will be conducted from the comfort of your own living room. This consultation with your Doctor will be without ‘face to face’ contact, or should I say without direct face to face but within virtual context. Technology, and our user-habits around our interactions with it, is set to change.

So disruptive will the change be that every current user-habit where connected technology serves up content as the service or part of the service, will be redefined and changed forever. The future will be about the demand for more immersive 3D content in the service of ‘humanities’ exchanges with technology. The growing-up, or should I say, catching up of the AR/VR and 3D industries will herald a new content creators Nirvana where all services, old and new, will be seeking to engage in a marketplace where AR/VR content is created, managed, stored, assessed and distributed in a transparent and seamless manner, where the word ‘middle man’ is not included in the Cappasity almanac of business terms. This change in how AR/VR and 3D technologies will change and enhance our perception and useability of the technology around us is being driven and defined by the Team at Cappasity.

So evasive will the adoption of AR/VR and 3D technologies be, that the successful providers of the requisite content will become technological platform providers to everything. The Cappasity Team believe that the community of 3D creators, producers and contributors will be the winners in the content battles to come and have launched a utility Token sale in support of creating a platform and ecosystem in support of the ethos. The ART utility token signifies a capital raise to support what they have already build, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) where the creation of AR/VR and 3D content is made easier and cheaper through the use of their SDK, Libraries and proprietary tools. The Token sale will see the completion of the infrastructure layer and the building of a marketplace layer where 3D content, in all forms, will be traded for the benefit of the community, not the large ‘few’ who fight to control the mechanisms of commerce around this burgeoning phenomenon.

In the Cappasity marketplace, buyers and sellers come together, trading content by use of smart contracts, using Cappasity’s ART utility token. Supply and Demand and general marketplace ‘economies of scale’ are realised as the future connected world seeks more, original and richer content and a better, fairer, more transparent way of accessing it. Cappasity believe they are in a fight for the very soul and future of 3D content creation and trade. Cappasity have just announced the release of their Whitelist application process where they look to recognise and reward the unseen, unnoticed and unheralded heroes of the 3D industry. Co-founder and CEO Mr Kosta Popov says, “The creation of Cappasity Marketplace ecosystem is an endeavour for everyone within the 3D content creation community and commerce space. We are looking for the support of all our contributors, without whom a fairer future with 3D content would not be possible.”

The ‘whitelist’ event is by application and acceptance only and serves as a reward, and an early thank-you, to the loyal group of Cappasity contributors and those who believe and support the ‘more immersive 3D enhanced future’. See for details.