Disruptive 3D Digitizing App

Nowadays the 3D content market is facing numerous challenges that are curtailing its growth and limiting implementation opportunities. Producing 3D models is time-consuming and expensive, thus leading to a lack of decent 3D content available in the market. Modern photogrammetric methods (art of creating a 3D model from pictures of the object taken from different angles) require high-quality equipment, and for proper preprocessing time you need a good video card. These things considered, photogrammetry cannot be performed with mobile devices — at least, not if you want to get good results.

Moreover, all existing photogrammetry or 3D scanning methods have their drawbacks — not every real object can be turned into a 3D model. For instance, if an object has transparent, reflective or absolute black parts, a 3D representation may look quite different from the original.

Notwithstanding the enumerated issues, 3D digitizing is becoming a more popular and sought-after technology day by day among the developers of AR/VR apps and games, news sites, online stores, etc.

Cappasity is jumping in with an outstanding solution — a totally new approach to 3D content creation. Our Easy 3D Scan software makes it possible to produce a 3D representation of a real object in 2–3 minutes, compared to the hours required to create a 3D model with photogrammetric or 3D scanning methods. On top of that, due to an innovative approach to content creation, the problem of transparent or reflective surfaces haunting users is no more. This makes it possible to create dazzling images of jewelry and any element of clothing.

This tool creates 3D Views and 3D Holograms (US patent pending) for websites and applications. 3D View is a new format revolutionizing the concept of 3D digitizing. It does not overload a website with heavy traffic: the download rate is four times higher on average, as we are streaming the data and enable users to interact with an object even if only 30% of it is downloaded. 3D Hologram is a format compatible with various AR/VR devices. While these formats differ from everything that has existed before in the 3D industry, we have developed smooth ways of integrating these formats into websites as well as apps; customers will enjoy these opportunities with the Cappasity import plugin. A similar application for 3D View creation has already been developed for Windows and macOS and is already widely used, in particular at online stores. The opportunity to turn and zoom a product before buying increases conversion rate by 30–40%. A mobile version of the app will be released soon.

Any iPhone or Android smartphone owner can create a 3D View. We will provide mobile developers with free SDK, so that each will be able to embed a special code into an app and enjoy the Cappasity platform opportunities after that. As Google allows other developers to use its maps, we will permit them to create 3D Views. In order to create a 3D View, you have to film 1–1.5 turns around an object. Then the video is processed by our software, which turns it into a 3D image model. Moreover, it uploads an image into the cloud immediately, so it can be embedded without any delay.

Due to cutting edge computer vision algorithms, the Cappasity solution helps to avoid other technical issues, such as arm shake during filming, changing light, etc.

E-commerce is projected to be the most active player in the 3D content market and Easy 3D Scan will enable speeding up 3D image creation for marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, etc. 360-degree views are breaking into more industries. Around 18% of electronics sites, including Panasonic and Circuit City, already allow consumers to rotate products or view animation or videos. On top of online stores, 3D content promises to be equally popular among websites and apps designed for various purposes.

As an example, we would like to present the possible uses of Easy 3D Scan implementation at an art auction. Imagine an art auction agency launching an online auction of valuable sculptures. To promote the event it announces a virtual exhibition of thematic pieces of art. The agency’s system administrator uses Easy 3D Scan software to generate 3D images of the sculptures for sale and surfs the art section of the Marketplace to find the necessary content submitted by academies of fine arts for seasonal rental. Then, they embed the objects into the agency’s online gallery. The auction prospects enjoy viewing the exhibition and the sculptures for sale in 3D view format, which allows rotation, zooming and viewing on the agency’s website directly.

Cappasity 3D digitizing applications are expected to boost the usage of 3D content in e-commerce, thus revolutionizing the whole industry and paving the way for further innovation.